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RE: Facebook lost $90B in market cap this month, yet it's still 40% larger than the entire Cryptocurrency market cap

I did read an article in mainstream media that facebook at the moment is just to big to fail!
O boy, they will be proven wrong. Te only thing that could safe facebook is if they implement some kind of reward for their users. At the end they will but then it is maybe too little too late!


Really? I wonder what their rational of too big to fail was? In the past, banks were too big to fail because they were so intertwined with just about every part of the economy. Facebook, not so much.

Which is why they acquired other companies that appeal to the non-facebook crowd. Nothing is too big to fail, but they've diversified. They really are the social media equivalent of Google or Amazon in terms of dominance in their respective fields, at least in the west. China and other emerging markets and their own social medias/commerce platforms are a whole other story. What's funny is how small, say, Amazon and its volume is compared to the Ali family of companies.

Don't forget that almost 1/6th of the population lives in China. That's why I did invest in Neo instead of Ethereum. (Not the only one, but one of the reasons)
But things are changing, within 2 months there will be a linkedin like application on the blockchain, where people are rewarded to share their business profile. It maybe not the big change but each small one, contributes to it!

Looking forward to see a rewarding facebook type social type social but unique and quite different from facebook. One thing won't happen for sure, mass amount of people won't leave facebook for steemit, however a beautifully designed and very user friendly and light app built with to integrate with the steemit platform may just do the trick. Though, a social media built to compete with facebook, i'd prefer it being built on the EOS platform.

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