Bitcoin Dumps - Still Remains Above Daily Support

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BTC/USD Technical Analysis

Morning team,

We've been following Bitcoin above daily support for a few months now, ever since it first broke above the zone in early May.

The zone is a pretty obvious one that you can see on the updated Bitcoin daily below.

BTC/USD Daily:

As long as we are above this higher time frame support/resistance zone, I'd rather be a buyer than a seller. Higher time frame is king and I want to be on the right side of the market when I do decide to take a position.

But take a look at that dump we got at the end of yesterday's trading session. The hourly shows it well below.

BTC/USD Hourly:

That's nearly a $1,000 drop in essentially a single hourly candle. Yikes!

But look at where price was stopped in its tracks. On the top line of our higher time frame support/resistance line. EXACTLY to the pip.

Now of course Crypto-Twitter is going to try to make reasons for why price dumped like that, but as an intraday trader, I don't care. It's all irrelevant noise.

Find your higher time frame levels for direction. Then zoom into the intraday charts to trade short term pullbacks that will allow you to hit high risk:reward trades.


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I think that this is happening due to many people on vacation thus we have much lower buying activity on exchanges like Binance/Primexbt/Kraken etc...

Why are people on holidays in August?

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I pray every night that alt coins will rise again

I think this proves whichever god you’re praying to, is the wrong one. Can you tell us which one, so we can cross him off our list.

Posted using Partiko iOS

I usually pray to Enki just cause he saved us from the great flood. I'll try Anu tonight n see if he can help