Should you buy Bitcoin now? All Time High vs. Hard Fork Dilemma explained

in cryptocurrency •  last year

There is a very good reason why buying Bitcoin right now is maybe not the best idea. Having your entry point in an all time high area doesn't seem smart. Nevertheless the possible profits from the upcoming hard fork are very tempting. Let us know your opinion on the topic in the comments.

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Great channel dude. I vote all your undervalued videos.
On last Saturday I sold a tenth of my bitcoins. Here you can see why:

These 10% is the half of my trading part of bitcoins. The other 10% I want to sell at 10000.

PS: Can you please answer a question: When you take a look at my posts, is my english too bad? I hardly get new followers. Maybe I should better post in my mother tongue.

@foodnature I also subscribed to you on YouTube. With any Luck I will WIN some Bitcoin.

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