But the FUD, what about the FUD dude? My response.

Someone in The Cryptocurrency Training Collective posted a few articles with alarming headlines to the group, this is my response.

(The Cryptocurrency Training Collective is a private facebook group that I am experimenting with to try and create a model to promote crypto currency to the least among us. Read about it here: the-cryptocurrency-training-collective )


There are tons of articles saying all sorts of negative stuff about bitcoin, it has been a ponzi scheme, bubble, tulips, and so much more. Us crypto nerds call it FUD. Fear, uncertainty and doubt - it is used as a weapon by the whales that want to manipulate the markets. Furthermore, crypto currency is not BAD, it is GOOD, the money you make you will bring back to your community. That is where it counts, that is how we build this country back up. One block at a time.

Someone said something the other day which really puts the ball in play for me, "crypto currency is play money". In other words, if you are worried about the money you put into crypto you are doing it wrong.

And yes, there is so much to know, it's HARD, but it is not that hard, really. AND, it is SOOOOOOOO gonna be worth it.

Is it a scam? Etc.? Well actually, dig this..., there is BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, DigiByte, HTMLCOIN, VergeCoin, Ripple, Vertcoin, ViaCoin, Strat, Basic Attention Token, ARK, Status Network Token, Dash, IOTA, Dent, DentaCoin, Steem, Stellar Lumens, Lisk, ZCash, Stratis, Komodo, PIVX, Decred, BitConnect, BitShares, Factom, GameCredits, SiaCoin, Ubiq, NavCoin, Particle, Reddcoin, RISE, Elastic, OmiseGo, Einsteinium, CloakCoin, OKCash and more! Are these all going away? Are these all scams? How could it be? I find it incredible that people would doubt that this is happening or think it is gonna go away.

What should you buy? Each of these coins offers some solution - a world unto themselves, every one. Pick one and start researching. Be careful and do your own research. Spend only what you can afford to lose.

How did I start? Which ones did I pick?: The money I made on Litecoin has enabled me to try my hand at a few of the coins listed here. How did I know LiteCoin was going to go from 9 dollars to 55 today? By being part of a community through twitter, steemit, youtube, facebook and by joining chat groups for individual coins. I kept reading whatever popped up and, then, reading between the lines, because for every prediction - there is corresponding FUD - it's actually incredible. Grow a FUD filter.

FUD: I learned to screen out the FUD and hope to train people to have a fud filter too. I am excited by the opportunity to share the tons of other revelations that I have had as well as well as well, each lesson costing me money, and I am sure I will keep learning. (Ka-ching.) I feel that It is really cool to have the opportunity to pay forward all the luck I have had - despite the lumps and I am hoping if you join me, you can avoid some of the lumps I have taken. It is a big IF, but IF you are interested, I would say get in slowly and put some money down on HTMLCoin or DigiByte right now - or watch a few youtube videos of people's top predictions and where they think the various coins can go. As always, do your own research and take ownership of your own decisions. Many believe there is seriously big money to be made, especially when you think in terms of a few years from now, or longer! OMG! HUGE! Or MAYBE NOT?!?!?! Hard to say, so the answer is: use "play money" only, all day every day.

And again: ONLY USE PLAY MONEY. Money you don't care about. This should be fun. If you learn how to read the trends, you will be able to predict when to buy and sell your coins. Learn about moving averages and MACD and all the other indicators. Learn the difference between daily, weekly and minute by minute trends and you will be able to see into the future - or not, but probably? Still figuring this stuff out really. I can say this for sure, the more I study, the better I do. And to repeat what I said in my previous post, I believe the best way to learn is to teach. Don't you agree?

ANYWAY: Tell your kids to start learning. Tell the coaches and teachers you know to research crypto and the decided if they want to mention it to the children. Tell parents you see in the supermarket, especially the ones with babies. 100 dollars today in bitcoin for a baby will pay for their college, buy them a house and give them a passive income for life. It's like that, really. Tell the poor people around you, tell those unsure of their financial future, tell the scared, the lonely, the angry, the ripped off. Tell the least among us. Do that at least. A word to the wise is sufficient is a nice closer when you do...

And... avoid the damn FUD!!!


: )

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Only those that bitcoin is risking their business model are calling a fraud, like banks and mastercard. Of course is their best interest they keep ripping us. 24% interest on credit card and 3-5 business day with huge fees for bank transfers. Who is fraud?


these banks are the real fraud,but people are not aware of these . but one day will come and it will change the minds of the people.

very nice and usefull information ! thanks


Thanks to you! :)


you are well come..! you are too good in content writting and your post has a lot of information for people if they get it.. sorry for mine poor english writting.