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RE: Looking for Excellent Analysis Video Makers or Analysis Article Writers For Graphene-Based Project

in #cryptocurrency6 years ago

@futureishere Just to confirm that you guys need content writer or the content writer with FA & TA knowledge. If you need content writer who can write blog on any topic with proper research then let me know but don't have that knowledge on price prediction and TA/FA.



Hi, @flash07
Yes, we are looking for excellent content writer with a certain number of followers. We will not require the writer to predict the price, nobody can make a correct prediction all the time! We need bright minds who can make a deep research on our project: SEER, and write an article about it for his or her readers and followers, so that more people can get to know this amazing project!
Please contact Telegram username: @cherryyang1996 for further discussion, thank you!

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