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So before I make this post, I will give a small disclaimer for full disclosure. This post contains a referral link and if you use it, you earn 25 tokens. If you become an active user I'll eventually also earn 25 tokens.

Here's the link:

Now that that's out of the way, this is a little more than just a shameless plug.

I've been using Presearch for a month or so now, and I think it's a great opportunity.

It's basically a search portal - you can configure it with your favourite search engines - set it as your chrome homepage, and each you use it to search, you automatically earn 0.25 tokens.

They say the limit is 8 tokens per day.

I've configured mine with Google, Ebay, CoinMarketCap, Facebook, etc, and in a month or so i'm sitting on around 80 tokens.

Each token is worth around $0.24 - so that's around $20 for doing what I already do everyday anyway - Search for things.

Currently, tokens cannot be redeemed, but that is said to be rolled out in Q2 2018. I reached out to the Presearch team only a few days ago, and they have confirmed this is still the plan - so by the end of next month, these tokens I've earnt, and will continue to earn, should become liquid.

Here's what my search bar looks like:

As you can see, it's a nice, simple and usable design. I actually like using it and like even more that I'm earning while doing so.

Get on board, because as far as i see it, you're using a nifty little app and you might even earn a dime while doing so.

Shout out to @sidsun for putting it on my radar.


Marvelous browser extension that lets you earn. What wallet does it use?

well the tokens earnt through the platform aren't yet redeemable, but I believe jaxx supports it, as well as myetherwallet

Thanks for the reply.

It will eventually use ERC20 Ethereum tokens, so you can probably use any wallet that supports these.

Any ERC20 compatible ones ;) (JAXX, MEW etc.)

Great tool - I use it myself. The best thing about it is that it competes with (evil) Google (in a way)

i'm not sure that it currently competes with google - at the moment it's more of a complementary product to google.

Having said that, I think part of their road map is to improve their own search offering.

I don't know if my search privacy is worth so little. It smells bad to me, but hey, who knows...

Well I'm sure you give it to Google for free now :)

Not for free. I get free gmail, a lot of storage on google drive and a lot more google services without annoying ads.
PS: An updated version of Google Privacy Policy takes effect on 25 May 2018. See the updated version of the policy

The data protection changes are sweeping through almost every online company as a result of the legislative changes in the EU.

You're right in the sense that Google does provide you with a benefit for your data. I do use pretty much every Google product out there and I'm well aware of how it's paid for. The same thing can be said of Facebook that is the focus of attacks due to privacy lately.

PRESEARCH is just a way of being paid financially rather than through the exchange of alternate services

Sorry mate, @michaelluchies beat you to it and referred me.

Welcome back! Where did you go...

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