Top Alt currencies to pick up in June 2017

in cryptocurrency •  last year

So this post is about anticipating the future movers and shakers in the cryptospace.

Use your existing BTC strength to pick up some valuable -

  1. Ethereum Classic
  2. Ripple
  3. Stratis
  4. Monero
  5. NEM

I would equally divide June's investments into these and hold them for a long term (> 6 months).
Analysts have some sound logic behind why these currencies should show a strong upward trend in the coming months.
However, please carry out your own research as well before investing into these pairs.
What I have mentioned above is purely my opinion and investment strategy I plan to implement.

In my upcoming posts, I intend to clarify the logic behind investing in these currencies and facts and figures from my past and future investments. Do follow me if you wish to keep updated on my latest strategies. Happy crypto-investing!!

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I feel like ripple is especially interesting, it's so cheap currently and holds so much promise!


Yes. I definitely think everyone should invest in ripple.

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I would have to say AntShares... it's already up quite a lot recently however it is Ethereum 2.0, and China's version of Ethereum at that. Fundamentally it seems better and has solved a lot of Ethereum's scaling issues already. Currently available for trade on Bittrex (one of the only western exchanges right now). Once it gets added to more... to the ant hill on the moon crater!


Yep. I was looking to invest in AntShares. Thanks for letting me know that it's available on Bittrex.

Well described

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