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RE: Why Ripple Token (XRP) is Terribly Overvalued

Ripple is the king of shitcoins. If you are into Ripple, you are against the very ideology of blockchain, against free market and freedom in general.
Choose the future you want to build with your wealth wisely or crash with your friends banksters. Natural selection... ;)


well said

that is completely wrong. Ripple is the company. XRP is decentralized, public, and everything that blockchain STANDS FOR. Nodes are maintained by ANYONE.It is also OPEN SOURCE.

Bitcoin will be using centralized nodes for its lightening network, and has pool mining which is centralized 101, but you think xrp is against the original blockchain ideas?? you are cearly just repeating info too lazy to do your own research.

Ripple labs is using it for FI's, but xrp will be used for merchant payments, p2p payments, everything we see these other SHIT coins trying to obtain. XRP settles instantly, and does not waste electricity. It out performs any other coin, and it only cost pennies tor send ! It will be the top crypto. People who cant understand the difference between a company who makes a software the uses a crypto, and an actual digital asset, will loose out. Natural selection I guess.