Michael Suppoman attacks a small group for harmlessly trading BitQuence. Breaches their privacy.

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Suppo is breaching peoples privacy by posting private conversations on his facebook page and making incorrect assumptions about the people, and its making him look petty.

Link to latest video about only buying not selling BQX

What is going on ???!!

Here is what started it all. Suppo posts this image of me and a few others talking.

start of it all.png

If you are following this you would have seen the screenshots. I feature in almost all of them. I am EvilMonkey from the screenshots and I have never hidden who I am. So this call by suppoman to "FIND THESE GUYS" is silly. We are not hiding and anything "leaked" is not stuff we are trying to hide. We have a private section if we want to hide.

I was a part of SCM but have been banned seeing I am identifiable. I havn't posted there in weeks. I paid for Suppomans course. I think his course is great. I watched it when I first got into crypto. It was a good starting point.

I watch Suppos vids now and then as he is entertaining and amusing sometimes. I post only positively and answer questions helping others and try to point out scams to his unsuspecting horde of followers.

His group is mostly unmoderated. Unless you attack Suppoman or something he has invested in personally you can pretty much shill anything you want. The last few days was proof of that where 7/10 posts were pictures of Lambos and Bitcoin Cash.

Suppoman has his place and he is carving out a nice little following. I took his advice and joined other groups as he suggests in his training videos. It is like a breath of fresh air. Intelligent, relaxed conversation.

The Slack Group

The group I joined is basically just a slack channel with about 15 different channels, on things like mining, trading, icos etc and a few other channels for individual coins. Pretty standard stuff right?

Of around 140 active members, 5-10 including myself are really into BQX. We hold from very little to medium amounts of BQX. Most of us hold stashes of Bitquence that we will never sell, but we also like to buy and sell it as the markets react.

I personally was trading about 20% of my entire stash on BQX. I usually trade in 200-1000 coin lots. Nothing major.

Suddenly Michael suppo is on a witch hunt for me and people in our group after someone leaked our conversations calling us an organised cancerous BQX trading group.

There is only around 10 out of 140 members that like to follow BQX. Some trade it, some just watch and others don't have any at all but like to join in on the conversation.

Breach of Privacy

Personally I don't really care that Suppo is breaching my privacy by posting my conversations. I have nothing to hide and I do nothing but help others with crypto questions and advice. I don't push any coins or do it for personal gain other than I get great information in return from other members.

He can post the whole slack channel transcript if he wants. It will be a pretty boring read. "Price of BQX is up", price of BQX is down rince repeat.

I do care someone is sad enough to breach our trust after we do nothing but share our information with no strings attached. It is sad. We banned a few of the leakers but others wanted their 5 minute audience with Suppoman. I hope it was worth it they have also been removed. There could be more but honestly they can freely share if they want.

Back to breach of privacy. Suppoman recently got caught out talking to known shill company Inda, they pay social media influencers like Suppo to promote stuff. A skype message popped up on one of his live videos appearing to confirm a deal.

Barb Skype.JPG

Suppo explains himself on SCM. So I post this. Yes this is my real name I am not hiding from anyone as I have done nothing wrong and always been open about who I am in real life.

Fuck off.JPG

I agree with Suppo, fair enough. He doesn't have to post his private conversations I agree totally. If he believes so strongly in privacy, why is he posting my private conversations.

Suppo found me already. I am not hiding. I got banned before he posted his first post on his facebook page.

He released a video this morning basically moaning and basically told everyone just buy don't sell.

Sorry but no one tells me what to do with my crypto.


I am not really sure what the problem is. He is claiming by trading it we ruin the price, and he is also saying we risk losing our stake in BQX by trading it away.

Well first of all we all have long term holds. We are trading small amounts of it to increase our holdings at our own risk and by our own choice.

You might not like that, fine there is no reason to be malicious about it, I believe someone from out slack group got jealous, because I posted a screenshot where BQX randomly one day dumped 50% in price and I hit a big buy order right at the bottom as did one or two others in the group we instantly sold that for 100% profit a few hours later. Pure luck, everyone deserves a win now and then.

Why do we even trade BQX? Because Suppo keeps contributing to it pumping and dumping.

He has hyped bitquence for months leading up to a big reveal which pushed up the price of BQX. He then by his own admission purposely did a dud reveal video where he did some bazaar promotion of some shit coin for 13 minutes, it really looked like some kind of paid promotion but who knows . In his next video he goes on to explain he did it on purpose and that was his plan all along then laughs about it.

I don't get it. His plan was to dump the price to give people a chance to buy into BQX? It seems he played right into traders hands???? He then goes on a witch hunt because some of us saw it coming, sold, then re-bought and made a profit. By the way I always accumulate. So my stash of BQX is getting bigger and bigger.

I don't want to be trading Bitquence all the time but if the price is going to move around I will take advantage of that.
Suppo even has a paid course for day trading. It basically is a course teaching you how to do exactly what we are doing, to the letter! Some of us trading BQX have paid for this course, do we follow your advice or not follow your advice? Which one is it, so confused.

I think this is childish behavior.

As soon as I found out I posted my identity and welcomed any questions, though anyone in the slack channel would have easily known who I was anyways as it is not hidden in any way.

Anyone posting on Suppo's Facebook thread asking questions or commenting that he didn't like got banned from his facebook, so I figured I would publish a response here, seeing he is only interested in a witch hunt and not real answers.

Even heavy supporters of BQX that go out of their way to promote BQX at every chance were targeted by Suppo just for being in our slack group. This poor guy was demonized, luckily hordes of Suppo and BQX supporters came to his defense. Some got banned in the process for suggesting Suppo is losing credibility posting this stuff. Which is great to see because that is totally true. These people aren't even in our slack group.

This guy got banned for basically for just saying exactly how it is.

Here is one of the leakers, he says "many shit talks about Michael Suppo." I would say Suppos name gets bought up pretty rarely. If it does it is mostly in the BQX channel and it is mostly to do with his video releases. I imagine anyone interested in BQX probably talks about Suppo. When he does good stuff we praise him and vice versa. The exception obviously is last couple days everyone has been joking about the information posted by Suppo.

Is our little tiny slack group perfect, no? Do we smack talk sometimes, yes? But in general we hold high standards and are heavily against people maliciously profiting from others and we give respect where respect is due.

Price manipulation claims and Bots

Do I personally manipulate the price of BQX? Yes, but it is not what you think and lurkers like the person leaking our private conversations probably misunderstood what we are doing or leaked only snippets to make us look bad. But honestly the screenshots posted are just normal boring trading conversations.

If you trade on binance or other exchanges like coinexchange or hitbtc you will be well aware of the bot problem. I risk my own personal trading stash of BQX to force the price up or down using the bots, this is purely to make the bots gain less free money and to lower the spread so the bots turn off.

If I am lucky a bot will go high enough that I will dump my coins on it. It is a risky game but I enjoy doing it. I occasionally lose but overall I have increased my holding stash of Bitquence in three ways.

  1. I bought at ICO. 2. I have bought more when there were dips with my own money and 3. I have sold and re-bought some at a lower price. This is EXACTLY what people should be striving to do in crypto and I make no apologies.

I personally have a love hate relationship with Suppo. Most of the time he is fine and helps and gives reasonable advice. But other times he does stupid stuff and I have the right to voice my opinion on that and he has the right to ban my from his group, I am ok with that.

When he did a recent video on BQX appearing to break the BQX council NDA (which he is part of) pumping the price right after he purposely caused it to dump (by his own admission) I had to say something.

I jumped on telegram and asked the BQX team to clarify, and we were also talking about it in our slack channel, this is when it all started, someone passed that information onto Suppo because I was essentially badmouthing him on Bitquence telegram. I still believe rightfully so. I don't agree with what he did. Both when he distastefully dumped the price of BQX and shilled another coin during the reveal, then instantly pumped the coin by releasing sensitive information protected under NDA. He is a massive holder of BQX. He can cause much more disruption to the market when he sells than my tiny little 1000 coin buy and sell orders.

Incidentally his reaveal then pump was one of the best trades I have made trading BQX all because Suppo used his hordes of followers to mess around with the price.

Agree to disagree

What suppo is doing for BQX is great, also what he does for crypto in general is great. I have been in BQX since ICO and found it before he featured it on his videos. He didn't hype it and told people to do their own research. He also in the same video talked about Superior coin. I did my research on both and had already decided on BQX. I couldn't understand what superior coin was.

You can't always agree on everything. I am happy to have conversations with people that have opposing views. The thing is I don't think we have opposing views on bitquence anyway. The real issue here is the people leaking claim we shit talk Suppo "all the time".

Some people do shit talk him yes. Some people defend him and say they like him, I personally call a spade a spade. When hes doing good videos and good stuff I praise him, when he does things I disagree with we talk about it.

Our tiny little group has done nothing wrong and a tiny tiny percentage of us that are interested in BQX are avid long term holders and supporters of BQX. I has been very amusing for us actually because we are so small and insignificant that for this to even happen is absurd, aside from the breech of trust from someone we let into our group, that is not amusing.

Bannings and getting removed from SCM

Several of our members knew they would get banned but purposely spoke up when Suppo was ranting and raving. That's how much they care about remaining a part of his group. SCM facebook group has quickly become a haven for people pumping and dumping shitcoins. You can post 20 times about any shitcoin as long as Suppo isn't invested and it will go unmoderated.

There is not enough moderators for a group that large. So there is no real loss not being in the group. I rarely look at it and on the occasions I do it's to verify if a shit coin really is a shitcoin. By looking at the content on SCM you can quickly find out what the latest scam coin is and what to stay away from.

Basically any coin with lambo's, memes and pictures of dudes with sunglasses on saying "Buy this coin MOON" with zero explanation given as to why its a good coin, and when you point out flaws you get abused.

I do still watch his videos from time to time and think he is great for crypto but also think he needs to let this one go and stop worrying about 7-10 people trading BQX.

I realize this post will be unpopular and likely get my post steemit account flagged by the horde and I know Michael has big friends in high places on steemit.

But so be it. If my steemit reputation gets ruined I was happy to post the actual story behind it all. Basically a non event blown out of proportion by a little weasel drip feeding suppoman screenshots.

Over reaction

Suppoman has over reacted here, there is much worse evils out there in crypto such as the BCH pump and dump which basically ripped 5-10 billion dollars from unsuspecting investors in days just gone by.

I don't hold any Ill will towards Suppo and hope he continues to be an advocate for BQX and make Savage cash. I just think hes got this one wrong, or even if let's say it is exactly as he thinks and we are playing with our entire stash, it is our choice to do so and I can't see anything wrong with that. In this case it is not what is happening, perhaps some are, I don't know or care.

I will continue to post neutral ICO reviews though I will no longer be sharing them with SCM. They take me hours and hours to write and I get barely anything in return, I do the research for myself and share it with others.

Small disclaimer. I have blanked out the names of those people I don't know as they have not given me permission to share their messeges even though they have pretty much posted them in a public place. Our messages were posted in a private invite only slack channel.


So there must be something dodgy going on in there.

You would think so wouldn't you? But actually we have someone who is ON the bqx team in our slack channel and has been for three months. So yer ... pretty much answers that.

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