HempCoin Series #1 :: 大麻硬币系列

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Late Monday night in Acapulco, I walked down the city's main street. It is called "the Costera", and is pictured above.

周一晚上在阿卡普尔科,我走下城市的主要街道。 它被称为“Costera,” 如上图所示。

It is the rainy season here now. The air felt cooler than usual, and everything was much more quiet and still. As I walked, I was deep in thought about the convergence -- the meeting point -- where cannabis/hemp, cryptocurrency and China intersect. I believe that intersection happens at HempCoin.

这是现在的雨季。 空气比平常感觉更冷,一切都更安静和静止。 当我走路的时候,我深深地想到了融合点 - 大麻/麻,加密和中国都相交的交汇点。 我相信交叉发生在 HempCoin

This post hopes to do two things: / 这个帖子希望做两件事情:

  • Test the readability of the Chinese translation, which I got from Google Translate. If you read Chinese, can you please let me know in the comments if the translations used in this post are acceptable?

  • 测试我从Google翻译得到的中文翻译的可读性。 如果你读中文,如果这篇文章中使用的翻译是可以接受的,你可以在评论中通知我吗?

  • Test the viability of an idea that is possibly outrageous. I explain the rather simple idea below, and would appreciate your feedback on it.

  • 测试一个可能是荒谬的想法的可行性! 我在下面解释一下相当简单的想法,感谢您对此的反馈。

China + Hemp Are Old Friends


China has a six thousand year long history with hemp. They were the first to use its fiber. The Chinese government never distorted the goodness of hemp, and they enjoy its bounty. The United States creates its own suffering:

中国与大麻有着六千年的悠久历史。 他们是第一个使用它的纤维。 中国政府从来没有扭曲大麻的美好,而且享受到它的赏金。 美国创造了自己的痛苦:

  1. According to a recent Forbes article, hemp is projected to be a billion dollar crop in three years.

  2. 据“福布斯”最近的一篇文章称,麻将在三年内预计将达10亿美元。

  3. China is Earth's leading cultivator of hemp, and leads the world in hemp production and exportation. (China is the largest crypto-market in the world, too!)

  4. 中国是地球领先的大麻生产者,在大麻生产和出口领域处于世界领先地位。 (中国也是世界上最大的密码市场!)

  5. The United States is the biggest IMPORTER of hemp, and spends more than USD$600 million each year in consumer goods.

  6. 美国是大麻的最大进口国,每年在消费品上花费6亿多美元。

  7. The United States federally prohibits the commercial production of hemp. This dumbly denies considerable ecological and economic opportunity to a country that loves and mega-uses this lucrative crop.

  8. 美国联邦禁止商业生产大麻。 对于一个喜欢和大量使用这种有利可图的作物的国家,这种愚蠢的拒绝给生态和经济机会相当大。

  9. While we wait -- or, preferably, PUSH! -- for the US to get its head out of its behind, Americans are dependent upon other nations to provide them a needed crop that their spiteful government continues to ban.

  10. 当我们等待 - 或者更好地,PUSH - 为了让美国摆脱困境,美国人依靠其他国家为他们提供必要的作物,让他们的恶意政府继续禁止。

China is now active on the blockchain. WHAT COULD THEIR INVESTING INFLUENCE MEAN TO HEMPCOIN, AND THE US PROHIBITION OF CANNABIS/HEMP? That's the question I hold, and ask you cryptoexperts, economists and visionaries out there.

中国现在在积极主动。 他们的投资影响对Hempcoin是什么意思,美国禁止大麻和大麻? 这是我所持有的问题,并要求你在这里加密密码,经济学家和梦想家。

Can this global market circumstance, correct an egregiously wrong federal policy, and also increase the market cap of Hempcoin??


Hemp has three harvestable components:


I am not aware of any other agricultural crop that has so many useful components -- stalk, leaves, seeds and roots. They are all useful to so many areas of our lives. This means hemp's industrial output potentially triples or quadruples that of less generous crops. No other plant can be used for food, fuel, clothing, paper, medicine, an alternative to plastic, building construction and more!

我不知道有其他农作物有很多有用的成分 - 茎,叶,种子和根。 它们对我们生活的许多领域都很有用。 这意味着大麻的工业产出可能是不那么慷慨的作物的三倍或四倍。 没有其他植物可以用于食品,燃料,服装,纸张,医药,替代塑料,建筑施工等等!


"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth and protection of the country." (Thomas Jefferson)

“大麻是国家财富和保护的首要必需品。” (托马斯·杰斐逊)

Buy HempCoin / 购买HempCoin

This post is very biased, as I am HODLing Hempcoin, regularly investing in it, and do hope for its meteoric soar. This position is a principled one, but is NOT advice. I am asking YOU a global market question: How do we take smart, right, profitable action with this interesting crossing of events and time??

这个帖子是非常有偏见的,因为我是HodLing Hempcoin,经常投资,并希望它的流星飙升。 这个立场是有原则的,但不是建议。 我问你一个全球性的市场问题:我们如何用这个有趣的交通事件和时间来采取聪明,正确,有利可图的行动?



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Hey @erikaharris ! I discovered you through your recent @terrybrock appearance. I totally LOVED that interview, and gained LOTS of valuable, practical tips which I use daily. You really "light my fire"... You may not be aware of this, but NOT ONLY does cannabis have a long history in China, but so does TEA (of course) -- but many do not know that they are actually LINKED. Both plants were basically originally cultivated in the same area of China, and tea actually has CANNABINOIDS in it. That's why the Chinese actually have a term "Cha Zui", which literally means "tea drunk". The different strains ("cultivars"/"varietals") of tea have the same wide variation in characterstic, effects, terpenes, etc. as the different strains of cannabis. I will stop here and direct you to an article which I am SURE you will enjoy ... Let me know your thoughts. PEACE... http://www.alternet.org/drugs/common-link-between-breast-milk-cannabis-and-tea


Ohmygoodness, @transcript-junky... I am at FULL ATTENTION. Cannabinoids and terpenes I hunt like a hound, lol, but this tea connection is exciting news to me! Can't wait to dive in. Thank you! 🤗

P.S. And thanks for your kind words about my interview with @terrybrocker. He is the best, and so are his readers!


Awesome! Then let's proceed in a step-by-step manner, shall we??? Here is a lecture, right down your alley, which discusses various aspects of global psychedelics. The following subjects, and their timecodes, should be of interest to you : ~ [8:50] - Psychedelics in Africa, ~ [26:40] - Cannabis in India, [37:43] Rubiaceae (including tea (Camelia Sinensis) plant :


Terence McKenna - A Survey Of Shamanic Options - June 1989


All of the nutrients and phytochemicals in tea increase with the age of the tea tree. "Gu Shu" is the Chinese (Mandarin) term which basically translates to "old tree". Here is a good video by my friend/colleague (whose YouTube videos I caption) where he discusses Gu Shu tea, and does a tasting session with an especially old one. Enjoy...


Drinking PuErh from 1600 Year Old Tea Trees

The translations is acceptable.
But it's not allowed to smoke hemp in China.


Thanks for your feedback, @klausv587.

Nothing happens when hemp is smoked, because it doesn't have enough THC in it (the compound that causes psychoaction). So, it makes no difference that it can't be smoked in China. At least it can be grown there.

Resteemed. I also believe in HempCoin as an investment. There's just too much potential in the Hemp industry and something that ties crypto is a no-brainer for me.

The only thing I wonder is if another private currency like Dash could be used for hemp related transactions instead of a dedicated coin. The advantages of HempCoin is branding around an industry, I don't know anything else out there doing that.


Highly valued comment, @superfluousman. Thank you.

Because hemp will, ultimately, be a trillion dollar crop, it seems a good time for a dedicated coin to ANTICIPATE future industry needs, AND BUILD THEM IN NOW... to seize first mover's advantage, or whatever it's called, lol

@erickharris, I looked at the chinese translation from google. It gets the idea translated but the sentences don't flow very well for people who read chinese. But for chinese people who want to read this article but have no way to go about it, then the translation fits the purpose. Hope this helps.


Okay, very good to know, @rosatravels. It helps a lot. Thank you.

I can't judge the quality of the Chinese, except to say that the reverse translations make good English, but I commend your effort to use it.

Nice post, Erika and nice idea to get human eyes on an automated translation. I didn't know about HempCoin although I've heard of PotCoin before. I'm going to take a look at HempCoin because I want to know if it does anything an established currency doesn't do.


THANK YOU SO MUCH, @voluntary! That's exactly what I was hoping for, due to my lack of expertise in these arenas. I got the sense that HempCoin would be of extra benefit to farmers/growers, the overall ag industry, and MJ dispensaries. I am down for all of those. Please do let me know your thoughts/findings :-)


I've only seen the Bitcointalk announcement and their homepage so far - I'm surprised it's been around since March 2014... I'm still unclear how their own coin enables them to support the people / industries they want to support. It's not like Dash which has a divided block reward so I'm assuming the founders or organisers would have to either mine and / or stake their own coins to generate a sustainable income for them to use. To be honest, they don't need their own coin to do that, mining or staking any other coin, preferably with a larger base of users, would give them that income. This is pretty much how I see PotCoin. I think projects like this are referred to as 'cause-coins' - which is all well and good but crypto currencies need to offer technical innovation to distinguish themselves among their competition. Don't be discouraged though, even PotCoin has had periods of high market activity and HempCoin appears to going through that kind of activity lately. Their success will come from how well they carry though with their goal of funding the hemp industry - and perhaps even lobbying efforts if those are on the agenda.


"crypto currencies need to offer technical innovation to distinguish themselves among their competition." <--- Yes, absolutely!

@voluntary, you probably already know that more than 30,000 (that's the conservative number) commercial uses have been identified for hemp.

America has no industrial precedent like the full production of hemp. Even automotives won't compare. Hemp is a titan like no other, and deserves a category larger, and more dignified than just 'cause coin.'

Do other causes bring with them multi-millions, from their inherent value? Most causes NEED millions, lol.

So, I know I'm looking at this with a lot of futurism in mind... and am just wondering how best to GET IN FRONT OF A BILLION DOLLAR AGRICULTURAL INEVITABILITY.

I deeply appreciate your engagement with me on this.

good post @ erikaharris

it's great idea but difficult to believe Chinese government will ever permit. current one is very conservative.


This doesn't propose anything new, @eduter. China already exports hemp, and is active on blockchain.

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