Breakdown of "EOS Resource Allocation" Video w/ Dan Larimer

in cryptocurrency •  2 years ago 

Compiled by Sheldon, EOS Go Contributor.

In this series of slides, Sheldon takes the reader through Dan's video of EOS resources and how they'll be allocated. Go EOS!

Original video:

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Could someone explain the "Release Ram & Token" to me please?

@eosgo a very good project. The breakdown is easy to understand, thanks to @dan for that explanation

A big thanks to Sheldon for making the slides, although the things were visible on the whiteboard but not that clear because of the lighting. This will be quite helpful in keeping notes.

It was nice to read ! nice work :)
i will share this content to "kr" community ! and make people understand how it works :) also for BP candidates.
Translation version for 'kr'
it was quite hard to translate because of some professional tech words.


Thank you as always @hackerzizon - you are very important in helping the Korean audience keep up with EOS Go, we're a stronger international community with your help. Go EOS!

Great presentation! Is there a place to find more about this allocation algorithm? (Google was not much of a help)

It's very interesting, although this technology is still new for me, so I didn't understand everything. Spamming is a problem on Steemit. Can't the same bandwidth concept be used here as well?

Seems you lads considered every single possibility, every coming trap, didn't you? I said it already before, but will say it again - great work and kudos for information sharing!

Thank you for sharing these slides. It helps a lot to develop Dapps!

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Fantastic! Thanks for compiling these resources so consistently, I know first hand it isn't easy @eosgo.

This also clears up that only the hash is stored on-chain, the actual file will be stored by the block producer - "and Each BP will have to monitor file and log the info".

According to my back and forth with @rsjames and others in the gov channel, it was not possible to do with end to end encryption (user and system level). As I have gone through all the documentation, videos, discussions & whitepaper, it would appear that the current proposed EOS file system for the files themselves are not encrypted.

My original proposal to address this issue for BPs (however flawed in my initial understanding) still has some merit.

Would be interested to hear a more practical / elegant solution from others. I am admittedly still learning parts of the system (and the system itself is still being developed). If I have made a mistake or have a gap in understanding, please show me a better way of dealing with monitoring and / or filtering files on the same node (without using image classifiers) - this is how problems are solved.

I love school. no joking. thanks.


Goo jobs @eosgo and i have found the other interesting about the EOS projects here we go:
Looking to rent/lease out your EOS? New whitepaper from the team at to do just that - meet Chintai!

Sheldon has broken down the EOS Resource Allocation video with Daniel Larimer! Follow along as he helps explain how tokens can be used in EOS -

@dan please don't leave steemit. I have some questions about eos. who's gonna answer me when you're gone?

Pictorial representation just simplified the process.
Great work

That's some quality work! :)

The simplicity of this breakdown made it so clear to me

Quality work guys, keep it up. EOS forever

Great Project! That's some quality work..