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The tide seems to be changing for TRON (TRX)... The Economic Forum had a lot of negatives things to say about the project so if you're heavily vested in ti it may be time to jump ship. I'll be going into more depth about the whole situation in my next video but figured I'd mention it ASAP. I also talk about SCAMS and day trading cryptocurrencies.

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Just want to reiterate how much I appreciate everyone who tunes in for my daily videos! I know days are short, and time is valuable. :D


i really hope you can finally answer my comments , i know you busy but i still need to know are we still in this 1000 a day ?


Hi been regularly going on Vincentb and upvoting on people in there but when I post something might get 1 upvote new to this so might be missing something or doing something wrong


It would be great if you could give back, mate.


Great I watched the video and I got a lot thanks


Vincent, we love watching your videos and really look forward to them every evening.

Can you please follow me back? Make our community strong. ;-)


People calling so many coins a scam dilutes the term. This is harmful to the community and makes it more difficult to really identify what is a scam and what isn't, which can cost people a lot of money. Thanks for continuing to be a voice of reason. Like the new blue background today too.

Thank you for this information
I will return to the viewers of the video soon. The Internet is weak. I have made many attempts to load it to no avail

Thanks for always keeping it real. Trying to watch for pattintrens lik you and rol into usdt soon as im happy with my profit even if its 10 % or less
Great to see you back and thank you for that i like it
I resstemed

Thank you so much for this valuable video
When I go home
I'll see it
I want to enter the world of digital currency trading
What is the best trading platform?
And if you have some additional information
He helped me out

Vincent, what are your thoughts on the Lightning network that will be applied for Bitcoin. And maybe feature it in your next video with some additional information

help vincentb family grow follow me too

hey just want to say thank you for all the hardwork you put in to share the knowledge

Hi Vincent.
I just got into steemit because of you. Just wanted to say thanks for posting your videos and for the immense value, you bring to the community.

I was thinking not only is there a bit of bad news for the crypto market with new taxes etc surely with the rise of all these new alt coins and more people jumping on the band wagon, there will be more crypto available so will reduce the overall value of the market. so therefore people need to be spending crypto rather then just saving and transferring it.

And wow... $800+ just for electricity? That's outrageous! And the new office is dope I must say

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Thanks for the information @elpompador, I will tell whoever cares to listen to jump ship immediately. Post Restemed

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I think ETC will go up soon.

the vincentb effect
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I just used "vincentb" tag. Great idea but lets all observe the rule of upvoting each other.

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Too bad I liked the name Tron

He cant bear

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When crypto Starts To Take Over your Life

Hey dude, thanks for all your help. Your advice about Steemit is changing my life man. I've always wanted to make money by writing, now it's becoming a reality. Checkout my blog - would appreciate any feedback from you or the community


sol0mon, I followed you and upvoted your article - would appreciate reciprocation. @diamondlou

the vincentb effect
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Good and thoughtful advice and suggestion gets my upvote

I want to join the vincentb hehehe, nice bro :)
upvoted, commented and followed hope to see more :)

Yeah its pretty crazy at the moment huh V? the moment she seems like she is going up this pullback wants to show its teeth again.

All those seasoned China traders pulled out when the ICO crack happened, i think the same is probably true for Korea, they just backed out while the politics sorted itself out - those seasoned "oriental" whales, if we may call them that are still there, they are probably just waiting for everything to sort itself out.

And the politics itself, just sparked a bit of fear in the west, causing stop losses etc.

But hey, interesting times, good bottle of wine helps with the temporary losses at the end of the trading day huh?

Keep it up com padre