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Hello Steemians.

Following this crypto world I feel like in mad roller-coaster from 10% gains in first week middle to 30% loss in second week middle and still here I am. I had came to some conclusion that no more ICO for me. Right now two out of two at losses, waiting for third when it will hit exchanges.
What happened this week every one was in green some huge pumps like ZCASH, some new announcements like there are not enough with BTC and BCC there will be BTG as well now I am waiting when Bitcoin Crap will be made. Still every BTC holder on 25 of October will get same amount of BTG as well.
Every week comes with some fake news, this week wasn't exception when South Korea decided to ban local ICO's that escalated really fast and in Facebook already were floating news that they were banning all new Cryptocurrencies.

Top 100 wallets.

What you see in this chart is changes of top 100 wallets without exchanges and exchanges what are in top 100 BTC holders list. As You can see Top 100 holders are holding right now 15,42% of all BTC's and its 0,21% less than in previous week what I think it's not significant drop right now to start worry. In Top 100 there were 3 exchanges in 25 of September Bitfinex, Kraken and Bittrex on 29 of September appears fourth Bitmain. Exchanges what are in Top 100 right now holding 1,25% of all BTC supply what is 0,09% more than in previous week.

My portfolio update 01.10.17

As always I am starting with index weight what shows how currencies are divided in my portfolio. Biggest changes happened with NEO ho grow by 2% and with LSK who drop by 1%.

Top gainers and losers against BTC on 01.10.
This week there are less alts what are in gains than previous week. 17 to 7 (15 to 9). LSK is still holding first place BLOCK gave his second place to BAT. Worst currency now is IOTA previous week it was NEO.

Portfolio weekly changes.
As you can see its highest point against FIAT while I am monitoring my portfolio, but lowest for BTC. As I am trying to get gains in BTC more than FIAT its not good at all.

To understand tactics I am using, click here!

Have a nice crypto week.


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