UPDATE: NOW 10% Bonus for all Stage 1 Token Sale Participants!

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Three days remaining until EFFECT.AI Token Sale
The Effect.AI Token Sale will take place on Saturday March 24 at 11am Central European Time. A lot of people have reached out to us over the last few days to ask about the bonus structure. Originally, the plan was to have a 10% bonus in place just for the beginning of the Token Sale’s second stage. However, our community members felt a bonus would be much more appropriate for Stage 1. We heard you and we agree. Therefore:

The Fair Share Distribution stage of the Token Sale will have a 10% Bonus for all participants. A calculator will be available during the Sale to calculate how many EFX (and bonus) tokens your NEO/GAS contribution will yield.

A Token Sale in Two Stages
As we have explained in an earlier update, the Effect.AI Token Sale is divided in two stages. Stage 1, also known as Fair Share Distribution, will have a personal cap of 1200 euro that is reserved for each participant for the first day of the Token Sale. After 24 hours have elapsed, Stage 2 of the Token Sale begins. The second stage allows you to fill an additional allocation up to 25,000 (twenty-five thousand) euro.

Stage 2 EFX tokens are sold on a first come, first serve basis.

Safety and security
We ask that you remain vigilant with regards to possible scams. We will not ask you to transfer funds before the Token Sale or via any other means than the Token Sale itself. If you do experience problems leading up to (or during) the Token sale, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Chris & The Effect.AI Team


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This is another great example that you are community oriented. I like it very much. Although 10% bonus is not much, but giving it to all stage 1 participants is consistent with Fair Distribution startegy.
From my personal side I would like to say a huge thank you for your attitude to the community. It is a great pleasure to follow Effect AI project and to be a part of it.

P.S. Hope we will see Phase 1 product very soon, cause I would like to try it and to earn some extra tokens.

Hello effectai!

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The team is growing better and stronger by days! I think this project has the elements make the next big ico. We as authentic investors can really be happy in the near future from this project.

Thanks for this 10% bonus ,for stage 1 is really great! Thanks again fro this effect.ai team! You are the best! Waiting for the 24 March!

Thank you for the really good pre-ICO campaign - a lot of transparent information to make a right decision. I am with you

I personally like the video format of the news release from the project team very much like the usual format of boring stetey.
P.S A cool sweetshot!

10% bonus is a real good share. I am not believing higher bonuses. This kind of action will not allow people to dump the tokens on listing.

We are very excited to hear 10% bonus from Effect.Only 2 days left. Wow😀

%10 bonus for round 1 is good for investors. This is pleased me.
Last 3 days for join effect. I am impatient about this invest. Join token sale and hodl!

Effect.ai You guys doing something really mind blowing

10% bonus is an reasonable number. It encourages more investment and keep EFX price when listing on exchange or some upcoming decentralized exchanges like Switcheo, NEX.

Effect AI is building the foundations of success - an amazing community. I support the way you choose to conduct the ico, in particular the token sale. While 10% may not be a big discount but is great move because the token sale is fair. There many ico's which give huge discounts to the early investors and as a result they dump it on the secondary market.

Can't wait for this event! I'm sure that Effect.AI has the potential to achieve really big things in the nearest future.

At a glance you might see it is a lower amount of bonus compared to some other projects. If you do a real analysis on those project you will realize that whether those big amount of bonus has brought a good return or not. There is no point in giving huge bonus without driving the project to success. This 10% will worth more than 50% bonus of lousy projects.

The team is growing better and stronger by days! I think this project has the elements make the next big ico. We as authentic investors can really be happy in the near future from this project.

Amazing!!! Great http://news.You guys are doing really great job to success the project. So excited to participate in the token sale. Thank you so much!

I am engaged in the cryptocurrency market, and when I met with the project, I immediately realized that it will take a leading position in the market

It's going awesome pretty.