Bitbean Update And My Plan For The Future

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If you remember the last time I posted about Bitbean, it's been a good while. One thing to take note of is that I haven't sprouted in 10 days. It's a little frustrating, but from what I understand you need a lot more Bitbeans to get frequent sprouts.

I still believe in this cryptocurrency and I'm giving it time because it's still fairly new. The good thing for new people is that the price per Bitbean is very small. It's currently at 0.002565 USD, but I have over 56000 and I'm estimated to sprout every 10 days.

Hopefully I'll get another sprout soon, but we'll see. My plan is to hold on to this coin until it at least reaches 1 dollar per Bitbean. If you plan on sprouting with these coins I'd recommend to get at least 100,000 Bitbeans to start so you can get faster results.


Great job. Patience is our most valuable treasure. I love BitBean and I know it will soon go to the moon. GUARANTEED!!!

Yup, I agree :-) plus random sprouts are just a plus.

Time and patience yields more income

How do you sprout a bitbean

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