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RE: Why Cardano $ADA most likely will never be worth $100

in #cryptocurrency7 years ago

I totally get this argument ... but i can not help but think about how so many people were using the same math to explain how Ethereum could not reach $100 or even $200 ...

I get it ... supply, supply, supply .... but if people are willing to pay a higher price, if the market demand spikes, justified or not ... couldn't the price increase without requiring insanely high market caps?

Just trying to understand how the total ADA supply suggests it is absolutely impossible to reach $100.

If people are willing to pay a higher price, is that not enough?

Cardano is not just a currency, in addition to solving the problems Ethereum faces, it looks very promising to become a solid standard platform for smart contracts, dapps etc.


Nope, people willing to pay is not enough. Also, nobody will ever be willing to pay $100 for Cardano. At least in 5-10 years term. There re tons of other coins and other options. Just like now not everyone want to pay 15 000 for bitcoin or even 3000 for bitcoin cash.

This didn't age well.

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