'Cryptocurrencies are revolutionary technologies packaged as get rich quick schemes' and next year the package will open..

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In 2018 the Blockchain technology WILL perform the world changing things it has promised, or it will die trying..

We are approaching a pivotal point in the Blockchain Revolution.. The coins are out, we are all holding the coins we prefer. Wishing we had more of course. Wondering how we missed these huge gains or those huge gains, trying to guess where the next huge gains are. We are all doing some variation of this. Next year things will change.

Road maps are declared, deadlines are approaching.. and since there is so much money and speculation in it. The world is watching. This is the year blockchain technology has to perform. It has to meet those deadlines. What are your thoughts on the coming year? Do you think I am wrong?

My thoughts are that this is they year many of the blockchains do perform, and they do revolutionize many industries.. There will be slaughter and mayhem though. Not all 1300+ coins and the countless future coins will meet the deadlines on their road maps. Coins will drop, teams will fail to come through.. but if you chose wisely and grabbed the coins that won't fail, you will have helped change the world, and you will have the bags of coins to prove it!

What coins will be the coins to follow through on their road maps and change the world in 2018?

I will post about a few I think will in the coming days.. but I'm interested in what everyone else thinks!

Woot woot,


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I have a feeling that bitshares will pave the way for new kind of cooperation and DAO-like ventures. I also think there will be huge FIAT-volatility next year leading many people from weaker economies into cryptos, especially those who've never had a bank account before.

Anyway, I'm invested in ltc and now bitshares, so those are the ones I'm truly hoping for.

I have great optimism @drpuffnstuff and believe that we are on an unstoppable train that cannot be halted from it's destination. I'll be staying tuned for your thoughts in the future as we all hurtle towards the blockchain station.

Just wanted to stop in to wish you a good new years day. Cheers to you and all you get up to on the blockchain.

You are right, 2018 is very important for Crypto community as a whole.
Happy New year, Hope you had good year and 2018 will be full of success and blessings for you.
I have just joined steemit and made my first introduction post, do you mind checking that.
I hope I will have great time on steem.
Just followed you, hope you do the same so we don't miss out interesting stuff of each other.

95% are scams or will fail to deliver on the promise. Unfortunately we are no closer to a Peer - 2 - Peer Digital cash system that is used as a world currency than we were in 2013. It is all still speculative investment for the most part.

but with some of the new projects having such much funding from ICOs and such then it could produce some real results.


The DASH DAO is dilligently working on it.

Highly rEsteemed!

Litecoin & Pillar are the two I'm looking forward to.

I never really thought about how the general view of people from the outside is that it’s all about investing and getting rich. You’re right about the breakthrough with blockchain technology.

2018 will be an exciting year for sure :).

I felt that way about Zclassic when it went from $2 a few weeks ago to over $100 yesterday!!


Well these are the prices from last Christmas..

And I hear next years jump will be even bigger!

But I am really excited about SMT's and EOS, but also will like to see how projects like DGD play out too!!

Good post resteemed for ya

We should also consider regulatory moves by central banks. I really think that it will be a masacre in the comming years for the weak projects