How to 50x Your Cryptocurrency Returns Guaranteed! [100% Legitimate]

in cryptocurrency •  11 months ago

This internet personality guarantees 50x returns when you invest in his "universal basic income" coin. I haven't seen a cryptocurrency project with this much value since BitConnect, so I just had to make a video to share with you all.

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Hey man, love your videos!

Could you do us a favor and verify that this is your account on another platform of yours? We don't want to reward someone random that's uploading your videos here, the voters would feel more confident knowing it's the real Doug! :)

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It is the real doug, he verified on Twitter, you can google "doug polk twitter steemit" and you should find it.


My favorite video is the one where he slams JR Garage.


Yer I love Doug's videos on youtube.. cracks me up all the time... but there are so many people that make fake account of popular youtuber's and people from twitter.. so if this is you Doug prove it..



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I gonna have to be honest, I’m pretty DUBIous about his coin. 😝

Haha, what a joker! Thanks for sharing!

At it again there goes Doug Polk exposing folk whose goals are broke

Thats insane. This guys a joke, I wonder if anyone actually bought these coins.

What a crook

This guy is a friggin JOKE!!!! I do not understand how anybody could fall for this BS... I mean you don't even have to have a grade school education to determine if someone is talking shit or not. I am dumbfounded...

I have never heard of Athene. Man, these guys all seem about the same -- those trying to cash in on anyone they can make believe them. The problem is that many of them are skilled and are able to build a following.

SMH..Thank you Doug...You are that guy in Crypto..Salute

100% legitimate, no joke :P

This dude is insane
Thanks for the videos

very first time that I get to see your video on the new feed!!! I have been fallowing you for a while now I really appreciate your postings :) mainly over YouTube ... keep in touch and keep it coming :)


I like your work dear
You and analyst @salahuddin2004 are two top analysts of cryptoworld.

It is always good to know about options in the crypto world. I love the way it is evolving and expanding. Thanks for you input.

Lets FOMO in these coin and hope for 100x :))

What a crazy scammer. Seems like he can't help it.

Maybe it's the accent, maybe it's the haircut and shave, maybe it's the total fucking nonsense in every word coming out of his mouth... but I trust this guy lol

These guys are the reason regulation in the space is necessary. Sometimes people are blinded by the promise of quick money and that is what leads them to bad decisions.


You missed the point of decentralization and individual responsibility perhaps? The government cannot protect everyone from Stupidity. Do your own research. You are accountable for your own results.

liked followed and resteemed!

Super hilarious lol. I was talking to a poker friend recently and brought up your name when talking about crypto. Thanks for the funny videos, we had a real good laugh.

Pls dont get tired, help d majority who long to invest but going about it wrongly and end up been scammed over and over by shit like this. I live this. Keep it up bro. Thanks

Value in bit connect. LOL

You must be friends with the slimy piece of excrement known as @craig-grant

DuBullish on this!

Scams are really getting out of hand. Good thing the US is starting to regulate more the crypto world and is actually starting to chase scammers. Hopefully, all the wrongdoers end up in jail.

US Regulation.png


I would prefer education to regulation. To be clear I dont think pump and dump scamming is ethical, but, with regulation comes restrictions. I dont think its necessarily a good thing that many customers in the US are theoretically excluded from investing in ICO's, some of which may be decent (though I am mostly a Bitcoin maximalist) because they are not an authorized investor or whatever.


Yep, education is superior to regulation


great man but am still going in

LOL this was really funny!

you're just like h3h3 but crypto.. excellent as always

Very interesting.

How long this poker playa Doug has been in cryptos?
Couple of months? ..... oh dear.... ofc he is "an expert" now.

Sounds DUBI-ous! Thanks for the video. Isn't that the refuge of scoundrels, "I was only joking!".

Sounds DUBI-ous! Thanks for the video. Isn't that the refuge of scoundrels, "I was only joking!".

this is why CC been down because of this holy ****. Dont have good project other than to earn.

This was a brilliant video... Really made me laugh thanks. Side note I honestly think he started convincing himself that these coins where going to have some value. But what can you expect when your coin name is DUBI probably smoked two or three before streaming.

@dougpolkcrypto is the best and most sarcastic person! He is absolutely awesome!! I agree a lot with his content.. people abuse their popularity and shill coins

well, I suggest you to switch from youtube to dtube... x1000 % of sure. :)

Lovely video and information always !! Thanks for sharing bro !!!!🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

Athene has always been a genius troll. Why blame him and not the fools investing on some business they don't know because they didn't invest time researching?

Ive actually been following what Athene's been up to for a while as he actually ahd some interesting videos a while back, but a little before and after ventoring into the crypto world hes beena scammer for hte msot part.
(Though for all i know he may have always been) This from looking at what kinda content he ahve made. He even sayed "this is a scamcoin, ive been saying it is in my streams" And yes he have sayed it and had a "scam level" on it. And the main issue is that more likely dont know when hes serious and not (hint hes mostly not, in his streams/videos) Making it easy to fool viewers.

This all started from what he called "realtalk" that first had some valuable content, but became a tool to hook people in. My question overall is if the entier crew is in on it or if her eis a longterm aim . As there is manny people working with whatever it is they are working on, that is centered largely aorund the gaming community.

Interesting to see your take on Athenes crypto scammery though :)

just seen a new lending platform called zoukcoin since bitconnect shut down ive been searching for a new lending platform

Love your videos Doug. Entertaining, honest, a breath of fresh air in the cryptocurrency community.

Remember if it sounds to good to be true it normally is!
We all know what happened to bitconnectb9111c404eec37053e0412775564753eeb43f7c9.jpg

He has always been a scammer, and exploiter and a troll. Everything he does is an angle to exploit a win due to a technicality. I had not thought about him in years and too see he is still up to it, and his viewers have gone down is no surprise. People can only watch a leech so long.

LOL this was really funny!

Seems legit. I'm all in.

So, Athene screwed over the assholes that are screwing millions of players. I am all about ethics, but fuck Poker Stars, they deserved to get fucked over for once. Karma is a bitch. You would think Poker Stars' legal team would be bright enough to create a contract without loopholes. One thing fucked up in societies today. It is OK for the wealthy to fuck over millions of people, but it is NOT OK for individuals to fuck over the super wealthy. Ethics or not. Poker Stars received what they deserved. Fucking dicks!!!

great article , keep the good work , i will check it !!

I’m torn here. You’ve got to bring attention to the fact that a project is a scam but by doing so you give it attention. It might be better to just let these things go pressless and die out ASAP.