CRYPTO NEWS: How much do cryptos top 1% really have? Plus other top stories.

in cryptocurrency •  6 months ago

Hey guys, Doug Polk here back with more crypto news. Today I discuss:

  • Forbes releases list of the richest men in crypto
  • CoinDesk publishes quarterly report on the state of the Blockchain
  • European Central Bank announces that crypto regulation is not high on its to-do list
  • $250 million raised to open "the Goldman Sachs of crypto"

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Good video . Entertaining for sure

Great video love you stuff and your funny video very entertaining. I want to know you thoughts on wolf of wall street he come out against BitCoin his arguments are a joke I have reviewed them here would love you to follow me i have add you Thanks

Great video! Can you do a post about Tron? Here's my analysis on it:

Tron (TRX) - Analysis

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 17.57.00.png

Good video!

Entertaining and informative

Douggggy! I didn't even know you have steemit.
Are you done with poker and went 100% crypto ?
p.s. fk dwan

Oh yeah, who wouldn't want to be Changpeng Zhao, 180 days later Binance is considered the ferrari of crypto exchanges. Processing over 1.4 million transactions a second. very talented young man!


Binance is already one of the top100 visited websites in the world, not just crypto... that's just crazy

Thank you for this informative and amusing take on the crypto news. You are the Lee Camp of the crypto world!

The crypto magnates are receiving the recognition they deserve. Good updates.

And there was me thinking your name would be on that list lol. Great show

The crypto messages are so good. It's entertaining and has lots of information. I can not wait for the next episode to come out!
This was an all in one kinda thing xD

Doug, it would be nice if you would include hyperlinks of your stories like the Forbes story. Thanks for your info!

The nerds are the new billionaires!! 😍


Always have been, always will be...just ask Poindexter.

i dont beleive it will be high on there to do list until it starts cutting into the profits of the banks and government. currently shady unregulated crypto only effects the people not the corporations and none of them care about the people


I suspect it's something else. The total amount of global wealth in cryptos is tiny. Insignificant. The entire crypto space could disappear and nobody would blink an eye. The entire market cap of cryptos equals reaches the value of the average Fortune 500 company.

Central banks have to deal with propping up worthless fiat, fixing bloated balance sheets, and calming petty political roils without causing a massive, global financial panic.

Meanwhile, regulators can't keep up with the pace of innovation. It's way too much effort for such a small market.

That's my perspective on the whole situation.

They need to start a Crypto version of the show Shark Tank. Haha.


thats not a bad idea lol

Love your blog. Thank you for the infomation you post as it is always on the mark. Love to get some advice on how you use steemit.

wow really interesting video, this is setting a new milestone in digital platforms defining bitcoin and other currencies as the great future of the futuristic economy.

Doug I heard you were about to start drinking again. I think you should not. Do you know anyone successful who attributes their success (or any part thereof) to alcohol?

Doug's on Steem too? Nice!

Thanks for the video @dougpolkcrypto

I see you too have caught the bug ;-)

Great article !
Do you know that the first 1000 richest wallets contains more than 35% of all Bitcoin market cap ? :)
Have a nice day !

wish i was in the top 1%

No shoutouts to Satoshi on that list??

I am looking forward to products and platforms that reduce the amount of friction for retail investors to get into the crypto space. The Robinhood app is a great example of this as well as the forthcoming Ethos platform. Mainstream adoption is one step toward longterm stability and will help drive a business case for broad integration into existing financial and service platforms.

On my way to getting my share

Another solid video!

This is just crazy, how an idea has created wealth that is unimaginable for the everyday person.

thanks !

Love your work. Thank you

this guy is one of the biggest leader in the crypto world