HEX Scam Day 3 Origin Funds Begin to Move

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As we discussed in our previous post; there are only a few key addresses to watch, to predict what will happen with HEX short term. Thereby making chain analysis simple enough just by looking at etherscan.io. Depending on where this goes in next few weeks, we might expand with deeper analysis.

Origin Funds (HEX) Begin to Move

The origin account is transferring HEX and staking it. These transactions are not initiated by the contract, but rather by the holder(s) of the account private keys.

When these major stakes end will be critical to account for if you're in this game. BigPayDay by our estimation is around Sunday, November 15, 2020.

HEX team has said that anyone or no one may have private keys to the two regular ETH addresses in the contract. It is now confirmed there are actors using the origin account, independently of the main contract.

Evidence of Origin Token Staking

  1. A new ETH address is populated with some change, in this example from the origin account itself. 0.02 ETH for gas fees for contract interaction [1]
  2. HEX is transferred from the origin account [2]
  3. HEX is staked for 352 days [3]

Just one account doing this has staked over 211,000,000 HEX (12% of total supply) at 350-352 days. [4]

  • Balance of the origin account at this time is 627,620,153 HEX.
  • Total supply around 1,754,000,000 HEX (fluctuates throughout distribution)

HEX is being created at the end of every window, when stakes end, and destroyed when staked, manipulating the total supply on an on-going basis. The figures above are a snapshot at this point in time.

Flush Funds (ETH)

Thus far there have not been any outgoing ETH transactions. This is the main point mentioned in the marketing of HEX.


A UI or application to database data on tokens staked and plot the end stake amounts and dates has not yet been publicly released. It may exist in the hands of the HEX team or certain traders for speculative purposes, as it would be advantageous to anyone staking or trading HEX. Presumably someone in the community will release something to this effect very soon.

For now, we continue to find the HEX project/scheme/community and its progress fascinating.

Disclaimer: These posts are absolutely not an endorsement of the HEX project. Anyone sending ETH to this contract is doing so at their own risk. Anyone spending ETH on transaction fees to claim is doing so at their own risk. If you found these posts interesting and want to support the authors, or find out more about HEX from the source, please upvote and use the links below.

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