HEX Scam Day 2 Key Addresses and Performance

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We are now well into the 3rd day/lobby of the HEX distribution period. Today, we look at lobby performance, and the initial key addresses in the HEX ecosystem.

Current Lobby Stats

So far it is clear that buyers in lobby 2 got more HEX for their ETH sent in than the release. Most of the ETH sent during the window will happen in the last minutes/seconds as speculators race to complete their transactions. This should stabilize in the next few days/weeks as we saw with EOS in 2017. [1]

LobbyHEX IssuedETH PaidHEX/ETHClosing
3513.109M HEX881.744 ETH581,925 HEX06h:20m:48s
2513.319M HEX6,152 ETH83,433 HEXClosed
11.000B HEX21,015 ETH47,584 HEXClosed

Market price on bidesk has settled effectively at $0.00 (last HEX/BTC trade at 0.00000013 BTC). [2]
Not much to be said about where the value of those ETH went, other than to the flush address so far. But its still very early in the trading game for this token.

The dynamics seem to be about the same as the EOS token sale, actually. Probably with more hype around HEX because of the rogue marketing model. The HEX team is intentionally using the same tactics as ponzi and other fraudulent schemes as admitted in multiple livestreams.

Key Addresses to watch

We will be keeping track of several actors as the HEX distribution continues.

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