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XYO Network $XYO has left the atmosphere 💹🚀

I rarely give price predictions; hopefully you were following me here on Steemit (or on Twitter) and read 'The Easiest Way to Buy XYO Network before Moon' last month!

Chart of the Day

— $XYO/BTC (8hr, 7MA, 25MA)
KuCoin Mobile Exchange

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CoinMarketCap $XYO Chart:

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What is The XY Oracle Network ($XYO)?

The $XYO Token is the native utility token for The XYO Network, the first blockchain that will enable location, temperature and time data use in smart contracts. The XYO network gives developers real-world data to interact with on the blockchain.

With over thousands of 'Proof -of-location' devices shipped, XYO is set to disrupt the logistics market by making our modern GPS systems obsolete; all while protecting the privacy of node owners who earn from mining their unique location-based algorithm.

XYO Website | XYO Whitepaper | XYO Twitter

XYO Network explained in 1 minute:

XYO Roadmap:


How to Buy $XYO?

Remember to always transfer to your crypto to a secure wallet; I recommend TrustWallet.

Buy $XYO on KuCoin Exchange Safely and Easily

  • Open a free account at
  • Secure your account with 2FA (Google Auth.)
  • Deposit Cryptocurrency ($BTC, $LTC, $ETH or other Altcoins)
  • Trade for $XYO

Buy $XYO on CoinSwitch with a Credit Card



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