The Easiest Way to Buy XYO Network before Moon

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I've been researching (fomo) XYO and the Blockchain Location Project for the past couple weeks, and was reluctant to buy until it gets listed on a major exchange. To my surprise, XYO is now available on my favorite— KuCoin.

What is The XYO Network ($XYO)?

The $XYO Token is the native utility token for the XYO Network formerly know as XY Oracle; the first blockchain that will enable location and time data use in smart contracts.

The XYO network gives developers real-world data to interact with on the blockchain.

With thousands of Sentinels (Proof -of-location) devices shipped, XYO is set to disrupt the logistics market by making our modern GPS systems obsolete; all while protecting the privacy of node owners who earn from mining their unique location-based algorithm.

XYO Network explained in 1 minute:

XYO Roadmap:


How to Buy $XYO?

Remember to always transfer to your crypto to a secure wallet; I recommend TrustWallet.

Buy $XYO on KuCoin Exchange Safely and Easily

  • Open a free account at
  • Secure your account with 2FA (Google Auth.)
  • Deposit Cryptocurrency ($BTC, $LTC, $ETH or other Altcoins)
  • Trade for $XYO

Buy $XYO on CoinSwitch with a Credit Card


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*Title-Art & Img Credits: Me— unless noted otherwise. Not financial advice.


I invested and hodl a lot of XYO at kucoin exchange and thanks for fast distribution of xyo rewards

Nice job, I took part in the trading competition as well. One of the reasons why KuCoin is my favourite exchange.


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