Top 6 Staking Cryptocurrency Altcoins To Hold Long Term

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This is my list of staking cryptocurrencies that you can hold long term to make some extra income. Staking is sending your coins to the main wallet and get rewards for holding those coins. Some give out daily payouts others do it weeky.

  1. Bitcore

  2. VeChain

  3. NEO

  4. OPC

  5. LINDA

  6. MODUM

Note: To join OPC and LINDA Staking Pools talk to Dethroner#9868 in Discord Group Staking Tree (OPC,LINDA)

If you know any others altcoins that have staking/masternodes let us know in the comments.

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Thanks for the tips. I will be sure to look into these too. Bobby out!

How about DigiByte? Here's my technical analysis on it:

Digibyte (DGB) - Analysis (400% POTENTIAL PROFIT)

Screen Shot 2018-01-23 at 09.49.29.png

  ·  last year (edited)

You all should check out Phore. It's currently mid-low cap ~$50 mil. It's a pivx fork that will soon have a decentralized marketplace based on openbazaar, and will implement segwit later this year.

Not sure about MODUM and OPC, but the other ones on the list look great.

Of these 6 I'm only holding NEO, I will study a little more about the others!


NEO is an outstanding hold!




Dam right


Neo is a good buy

Coins mentioned in post:

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Is there a minimum on Vechain for staking?


How many Neo do you need to stake?


There is not minimum. Even 1 NEO earns you GAS.


Yes, even 1 can earn you GAS, but that's because 1 is the minimum! You earn stakes in increments of whole unites of NEO.


absolutely correct, 1 NEO will earn GAS, and of course you cannot divide up a NEO coin, a fairly unique attribute


Yeah i don't understand why they're indivisible. It's weird because you have to leave a fraction of one on the exchange when you transfer it to your wallet.


Yes, but don't let the chart mislead. Bitcore held up very damn well during this latest downturn. Nothing else in my portfolio other than EOS held up as well. I'm thinking of buying more right now. Low 20's is a good price anything under 20 and grab it for sure.


EOS is also one of my best performers.


So EOS is not a staking coin but you will be able to rent out you tokens and also if they start doing more airdrops beyond IQ then if could be very profitable to hold EOS tokens


Indeed you are right, got excited about someone mentioning EOS :)

What do you think of ICX?


ICON is a solid hold. But it's not a staking coin :)


Gotcha, thanks!

nice post keep it up

Another great list of staking coins to hold for a long term. Thanks @dineroconopcion

Hello, i believe on neo, i ll check the others.
What about stellar ?

How about ripple?


Ripple Labs are making a crypto with a solid roadmap for 2018 and good partnerships, but it is not a staking cryptocurrency so it doesn't fit the list. A staking cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrencies that gives you a dividend for holding it.


Goood post.

Thank you for this. I just became familiar with the ‘staking’ term earlier today so this post hit right on time!

Does anyone understand the actual risk of staking? As i understand it the point is to stake your coins as collateral that you're acting in the best interest of the currency but are you delegating them to someone or just keeping them in a wallet? If delegating how do you know which random person to trust? If just keeping them in a wallet how does that help the infrastructure?

I heard that Ethereum will do it as well !

The best one is NEBLIO with great potentiat in future rise of the price and 10% a year...


And Modum has no stalking I think?!


Modum will pay out dividens every 3 months based on the company profits/revenue


They could do that... If they decide at the end... I am big time in Modum and it is great project just not typical stalking one ;)

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when deciding in regards to altcoins, i am looking for the industry that are struggling the most with FIAT money. hence, i am looking to coins that support the Cannabis and gaming industry. more focusing on dopecoin and funfair......looking quite good for the long run

I was just thinking about getting into staking today and now I have a list to look at thank you my friend!


You are very welcome!

Thank you. upvoted

Excelente, actualmente solo tengo bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin y dogecoin. pero hay otra moneda en la que quisiera invertir es el troy.

OPC has only issue,

I will post the link shortly.

All the others i agree with .

great info, Thanks

Hard to beat ARK for staking, it has delegated proof of stake so by spending 1 ARK to vote for someone you get 10% annual returns payed out every week or day.

Good post brother, i like it

Glad to know more about this topic. Thank you.

gotcha.. good post brother...

Good list!
NEO will gain more value in the future coz it's supported by chinese.

Smartcash (SMART) has monthly "Smart Rewards" if you hold 1000+ in your wallet (I had 8% last time).
You also can have a smart node for 10k+.


yea i have smart. kucoin is also a good staking coin imo

About how much do you make staking Bitcore? (noob here)

Thank you, I was looking for something like that. I have NEO and I'm earning gas. I will check the other ones.

Thank you very much, informative post for newbies like me :)

I got some Linda and Neo. Honorable mention should be Black Coin and NLC2 coin.


I will look into them, thanks!

I wanna play this ... any one help me??

What do you think of VIBE or VEN??

excelente post amigo necesito saber mas de eso.

can you write a description perhaps, and maybe why you think they are worth holding? I don't know about others, I think pretty important for me to know at least a bit before i hold long

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Neo its my favorite too! Thanks for the List!

Great topic, long time staker here(4 years).
Out of the list I've only staked Linda but will definitely look into these others, thanks.
I always have room for more staking wallets.


wow that is awesome, which coins are you currently staking?

thats good video thank you i didn't know about this coins but can you explain if vchain can be mined ? or not cuz i didn't understand !


In June of this year holding Vechain will earn you Thor. Like NEO earn gas.

thanks for the wonderful information

$DP DigitalPrice is a major contender


I will surely look into it, thank you!

VeChain definitely top of my list. I've been talking up a storm with VEN. Excited to see it's future with it's rebranding to VET, it's partnerships, and it's roadmap along the way. Great post.

Tambien se puede holdear Waves y poner el alquiler tus monedas en la cartera oficial.

I have my doubts about bitcore but neo is a secure investment and they give 1 neo gas per 10 neo in a year, in some years gas will be ridiculous expensive because off the token max supply

I did not realise I could stake my Linda crypto. very helpful thanks

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Is that just your estimation? Or is it based on a rational foundation?

Nice list. Thank you for sharing. I will focus on these altcoins

what do you think about PIVX? it was the first altcoin I ever looked into.

Cool post and video.
There's another token I came across that is fairly new - Roadmap / Release in 5 days.
Seems like it has a great future. Low supply etc.
At the moment - POS will happen very soon.
I'm doing some more research on it and will most likely write a blog on it in the next few days before the release.

Also have a look at Embercoin and XP, they have high staking rewards

What do you think about cardano?

It would be good to know why you recommend these coins.

thanks, happy today

Gridcoin is a nice coin to hold as well. It's only half PoS though. 1.5% apr on the staking side, research rewards cover the rest. It's price is holding steady in the recent crypto downturn.

My top 6 would :

  • ETH : because let's face it, it's gonna flip BTC and become number one; it has the biggest developper community, the 150 of the Entreprise Ethereum Association aka EEA (Microsoft, JP Morgan, MasterCard, Visa, IBM etc etc), the biggest smart contracts platform etc etc

  • OMG : one of the most reputable development team out there working on banking the unbankable in south east Asia, working on the plasma protocol alongside the Ethereum Platform.

  • ZRX : the protocol for decentralized exchange and peer to peer exchange; projects are being built on top of it (RadarRelay as a recent example)

  • BAT : real world working Dapp using Brave browser and having contracts and adoption by some big names

  • MLN : asset management tokenized, good working team having Gavin Wood as advisor

  • ICN : real world adopted dapp making investing in crypto assets as easy as investing in ETFs and Index

How do you stake VeChain?

thanks your post!

NEO is an outstanding choice, the "Chinese Ethereum", even better that they hand out GAS for holding the coin NEO, by the way the binance exhange will automatically award the GAS to you if you store NEO there, as stated, I have not verified it for myself personally

u made some very good choices to go long if u ask me ! bud personally i also like to go short term if u look @stellar(xlm)gaining almost 6000% in 2 months .that's easy made money.

Reddcoin also has the staking ability and it is a decentralized social currency. I think it is a cryptocurrency worth looking into as well. I believe they give 5% interest and they are currently around 100 satoshi each.


I have a great amount of Reddcoin forgot to mention it in this video :)

Very quality post, thank you for the information. Been wanting to look at more PoS coins.

Davor BCC and Kucoin allows you to stake also

SALT is probably a long coin too.

hello ,

I looked at the long list of reply 's but nobody mentioned VERICOIN it's an alt coin who lets you stake your coins and you get interest for staking a part or all your coins just before the cryptocrisis vericoin was sold at 3,5 euro and climbed in one week from less then 1 euro for the coin. Several times I have bought on a very low price and from time to time I had nice profits of swapping on a high price . I can say that there wallet is good and working stable, has everything what you can wish for is safe and easy to use .

Agreed on NEO but not so sure if I have herd the other ones!

Personally, I know that there isn't much information about returns on staking for Omisego but I think this has the potential to be the best long term hold for staking. Only time will tell.

Where do you store NEO?


earn gas on binance with neo

Hola nesecito ayuda lei tu gia quiero aserlo pero
No tengo el monto que dijiste porfavor puedes
Ayudarme dijiste que si no lo tenian tu lo asias

NAV Coin has approximately 5% annual returns. You can find more information here:

I am definitely looking into staking coins. Thank you for the information.

Buena infomracion

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