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For the first time in history the total market cap of all cryptocurrency exceeds $55 billion!

It is important to note that while Bitcoin is still the market cap king at $28 billion, much of the recent boom has been fueled by tremendous growth in many of the alt coins.

Below we can see the top 5 Cryptocurrencys by market cap.

Ripple and Ethereum have been battling recently for the second spot. Enormous interest and speculation in Ripple from Japanese investors has propelled Ripple up the rankings.

Expect to see this "tug of war" between Ethereum and Ripple to continue.

While the increase in market cap is exciting it is important to keep things in perspective.

Apple could still buy the entire cryptocurrency market nearly 5 times with the companies enormous cash reserves.

This is not financial advice

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Only missing Steem in top 5, go go go!!! Power Cryptocurrencies !!!

Steem is in the top 10 right now! Top 5 is definitely possible in the future!

My guess is Bitcoin will be at that market cap by itself somewhat soon.

Ethereum i not going alway anytime soon

Digi, I'm trying to organize a very beginner guide over in @bitcoinforblonds can I ask a couple questions (and I do mean basic questions)! Can you help explain what an exchange is and which is a good one?

Do you have a steemit chat account?

No Digi, I just joined yesterday and wrote my story last night! I do not know about chat accounts. But if it's heavy crypto chatter, when I say I know nuthin' I mean it, which is why I started @bitcoinforblonds I am starting from scratch and just wanted to invite anyone else to learn with me. (clearly with tongues planted in cheeks)Thanks

Gotcha ;)

Online cryptocurrency exchanges are websites where you can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies for another digital currency or fiat money (USD, EUR etc)

Two of the most popular exchanges are and
I personally prefer Bittrex but both are very popular.

If you are just looking to buy Bitcoin you can also use a service like if it is allowed where you live.

Thank you, I'm gathering info for my next article and no I'm a full spectrum gambler so no bitcoin won't be the only topic!

Also I think you may find this post helpful since you are new.

I hope ETH beats Ripple - would be sad if something as closed as ripple was at no.2 to bitcoin.

I share your sentiment. I am fairly confident ether will take that spot in the mid to long term. So much potential with DAPS. ..there is just so much ripple speculation coming out of Asia right now it may be a while before that changes.

Yes and markets are not known for being rational (crypto markets that is).

I think that could be applied to a lot of markets but crypto is definitely a wild ride at the moment. I think, looking back, we will all be glad we were along for the ride :)

Yes for sure and my portfolio is getting more and more broad all the time. I think when we are old we will look back on this period as a golden age where new fortunes were made.

I agree. Its been good commenting back and forth, do you ever use Steemit chat?

Yes when I have time I am on there:)

Well I will have to catch up with you on chat sometime! Nice post today, look forward to more. Steem on! :)

Bitcoin is King! I'd love to see STEEM break into the Top 5! Ripple and NEM need to go.

Steem is progressing nicely hopefully we continue to see slow and steady growth. There is a lot of speculation in those two alt coins right now, it will be interesting to see how they perform over the long term.

Nice to see ETH topping DSH in price, hopefully for good.