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Acording to Companies House Uk (Oficial uk company regesry)

Mr Ken Fitzsimmons Uk (British) • Business Owner • Born in May 1978 (39 years old)
14 Jul 2016 → Current

Is the owener of:
Bittconnect LTD 10278342
The Panorama
Park Street
TN24 8EZ

Comapany lookup

Was In contact with companies house tried to get more information/financial records/tax reports.
They pointed me in a direction and told me they could not provide more information the only worked like a company register.

Did pay for a couple of credit reports and such, the only thing the rapports basically told.

One owner: Mr Ken Fitzsimmons
One company share: Mr Ken Fitz s immons
Employes: None
Assists: None
Income: None
Reported tax: None
Registered accounts: None

Contact Information
phone: none
email: none

And so on, not really any finacaial data at all.

The company created on 14 July 2016 so they have until 31 July 2017 to provide report income and taxation.


  • Who is this dude who runs a seemingly highly social/community driven company and I can`t seem to find a single picture of him anywhere?

  • Why is he brittish/brittish company and every pictures i see from bitconnect seems to be from "asia"?

  • Is this person a real person?

  • Dont know the word for this, is he a person that gets paid for taking blame from economic crime?

  • My verdict

    For me this case is highly risky and can't recommend anyone buying into this.

    If you still want to invest, the safe bet would probably be to wait until 31 July and see if they are a legit company that is complying with UK law.

    If you have problems with bitconnect

    Got this info from Company House, if you have any complaints or any UK company scams you, here is where you should go to report it.

    The Insolvency Service is an Executive Agency of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS). The Company Investigations team within the Insolvency Service has the power to investigate limited companies where information received suggests corporate abuse; this may include serious misconduct, fraud, scams or sharp practice in the way a company operates. To complain about a limited company that is still trading:

    Thre is a online form, on the webpage.

    0300 678 0017

    By post:
    Intelligence Hub
    The Insolvency Service
    3rd Floor Cannon House
    18 Priory Queensway
    B4 6FD

    --END POST--



    Cmpany regestry UK https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/10278342/filing-history



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    I have a bit of knowledge about UK corps coming from a space that utilizes them for legal/tax haven pretty much. they are used for anonymity and the person listed is probably a paid signatory. This is done for several reasons as possibly the country bitconnect is currently located is anti crypto. as for tax filings....if the company does not actually earn income then all that is required of them is a $0 return with no tax liability.
    this company could solely be used on the domain level to help protect the company from its true country of origin until there is a clear ruling on crypto.

    Yeah , was thinking that to that the Bitconnect LTD is just a fall guy that owns it.
    so its okej to report no income and that is not suspicious?

    Good info

    He is just a virtual office registered agent, not the actual person or people behind BCC...

    Yeah hes probably a paid scapegoat or non existent.

    So whats the status we are past 31st July deadline?

    So we will find out by July 31st if its all a sham hopefully? I've been tempted to get in on it with big investments to compound back daily but very cautious since it seems too good to be true, but I can also understand how it could be a trading bot making the gains and it is a win win situation

    Yeah probably around that date tax man comes knocking after a while if papers dont come in.

    So far so good with bitconnect. And my profit doesnt lie! The questions you have are all easily answered, not too difficult to find the answers.

    The profits have nothing to do with this.

    If its so easy, show me, apparently i cant find any real information.
    I have another post that goes more in too the system. https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@debugger/why-bitconnect-is-a-scam

    Soo..... what was that with the profit again?

    so basically here are a few questions you should ask yourself, cryptocurrency is freely used in other countries without any government issues also in some of these countries the government welcomes cryptocurrencies its beneficial to the economy. At this time unlike the u.s. and the u.k. if you live in the u.s. or the u.k. and have an idea for a crypto company will you setup shop in a place you know you will face a lot of government issues? do you think cryptocurrency is beneficial? do you believe in a decentralized financial economy?

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    Your questions don't really have anything to do with this.
    Income tax is a thing in most countries. Docent matter what currency it is in, in most places.
    But you have one point. Why didn't they create Bitconnect in another country where Cryptos does not count as money.
    U.K doesn't really seem to be against Crypto just like the rest of EU. They are just scared of money laundering.

    I know in the u.s. I read an article the IRS requested the account information including passwords from coinbase, I've seen google and facebook fold to the government (government pockets are endless and they can make a law just to win) most of the crypo companies are in japan, china, thailand etc. there must be a reason for that.

    Interesting post. What do you think about mine? Would wou share or resteem it? Thank you for your time.


    Nice work dude.

    Interesting article. I was about to post a similair post. Sell the coins that you know nothing about. Do proper research on any coin you buy. If the market falls at least you can hold your coins knowing they have a long term future. An interesting website I found: https://www.coincheckup.com They seem to give this complete indepth analysis of all cryptocoins. See: https://www.coincheckup.com/coins/BitConnect#analysis To check BitConnect Investment and research analysis.

    You haven't read the article about the losers that live at their parents houses and these demons destined for hell pay them to use their names on all of these websites (many of them are porn sites and other sinful sites). The information you have posted is likely useless because the guys that started the site KNEW in advance that it was so much fraud so why wouldnt they have just done the same thing??

    I do not see here any proof - just assumptions

    I do not see here any proof - just assumptions

    Yeah this guy is just a bitconnect member who was simply one of the first to register a company in that name, thats all, does not in any way make him the original creator..

    But I apreciate the digging! we have to relaize that this thing is now 1.5 billion and its orobobly NOT gonna exut scam and wouldnt even be BALE to whow ould buy 7 million bitconecty tokesn after the site geo soffline? No one, and its not a possibility, like its also more and more aparent that the majority stake hodlers of bitconect toeksn can easily become decentralzied, if enoiugh people spread out those 7 illion bitconnect tokens we can easily al be staking making moe, and buyig miore, i wonde rhow muchof bcc market is up for grabs in liquid BCC< i think a lot of it is tied up in loans ..man this stuff is intrestinG! imagine if we could replicate BCC but make it 100% transparent and prove our volatility trading biot works ... if goldman sacs can do it so can we

    The only reason people buy the coin is the "tradebot" that's why the coin survives without it its just another alt with no innovative or special usecase.
    And the bot has not yet proven to exist.
    The coin has no function in the actual lending as everything is calculated in fiat.

    If the Bitconncet site shuts down and just keep the BTC that was lended BCC wont pay for a cup of coffee.

    Those already invested in the perspective that they are making money will continue to deny it for they cannot handle the reality that they would invest in a scam. It's like basic psychology... they would rather attack the messenger than accept that it's a scam. TY for looking out though.

    Yeah i think the same. My small hope is, that someone that have not yet invested, and thinking of it. Sees this and dont.

    6 months later made a money. Haha

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