Antshares from China: The Highest Potential & Most Undervalued Crypto-Currency on the Market

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Straight outta China. Antshares is a crypto currency/digital assets blockchain that might just be the upcoming Blockchain coder's ultimate dream.

For now, the majority of information about the coin is only available in Chinese, and the product itself is still in its early development stages. These 2 factors alone make for an extremely low current coin value & market cap. I believe the true value of this coin lies higher. 10,000% higher.

Here's why I believe Antshares is currently the most undervalued coin out there:

  • A serious platform built by serious people. Check out their Whitepaper.
  • Antshares integrates E-Contracts, a way to register intellectual property, actual contracts, and other forms of ownership. Since China's laws on patents and intellectual property have been... loose (to say the least) this system may give Chinese businesses the opportunity to better register ownership of intellectual material.
  • (Rumors of) plans to internationalize and have a better integration with the West. We'll know more on June 22nd.
  • A nice looking, consumer-friendly cross-platform wallet app.
  • Smart Contracts 2.0: A way to write smart contracts in any of the the popular programming languages (C#, Javascript, and more). Still in development.

Another major point is that China is a land of investment & opportunity. Businesses and individuals not only strive to maximize Crypto Currencies' potential alone, but also the actual products being developed on the Blockchain (in this case, built on Antshares). Applications built on Antshares by reputable Chinese businesses can potentially receive major investments. Think Ethereum ICOs, but with businesses truly having experience with increasing value in terms of actual development rather than just a focus on marketing and speculation.

Vitalik (Ethereum, left) and Da Hongfei (OnChain/Antshares, right) in China

Antshares' market cap is currently in the same area where you find crypto currencies that are purchased with Counter-Strike skins (no joke). Antshares doesn't belong there. Antshares belongs in the Coinmarketcap Top 10 regarding the value it brings businesses & developers.

Considering the recent pedal-to-the-metal speed in development and attention it's receiving from the Chinese public (and Chinese businesses), and now also the rest of the world, I predict we'll see a price of over $100 per Antshare within the next 18 months. Perhaps even more.

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Thx for the well-written post. Very informative.
However, as a seasoned trader, I'd like to warn from jumping on the hype train. Yes ANS has potential, but when a price spikes significantly in a short time frame, it is bound to pull back. You already see this happening and, as mentioned in a post yesterday, I wouldn't be surprised to see it retrace to the USD 5-ish area. Just keep a passive stance for the moment!

Thank you so much! Also very sound advice in your comment. I agree that price corrections may be on the road ahead. I do believe that for a long-term hold, buying now would be as good a time as any due to its long-term potential, but that's more from a invest-in-the-future point of view.

Hey there, I'm also a big ANS fan, though I wonder, if your statement is not overly excited. I've been reading a lot about it and trying to be objective. I do as well believe it will go up a lot, but I am also trying to be skeptical and find more info about it, that is not so biased (like all the investor's opinions on Reddit :p ). So I would like to know, if you have more solid information, as the points you are making are a bit vague or rather, it seems more like you've just destiled opinions of other people that you've found on the internet, no offense.

From what I've found out and could say is somewhat "reliable" info:

  1. they seem to heve solid tech or at least plans to tackle big pain-points / potential problems and not-so-potential problems, that other systems (like ETH or BTC) are facing and seem to have it well tought out (even thinking about quantum proof and much more). That's a definite plus for them.

  2. lot of people seem to have complaints about ANS wallets as there seem to be issues with them that raise concerns and the lack of or weak support for Apple OS. That's a huge minus IMO, I mean what does it say about your project if you dont even have a solid wallet for your coin...

  3. The big names like Da Hongfei and partnership with Microsoft give it credibility, but then again, who the hell knows if that really amounts for something. i wish it would, but Microsoft is on board with tons of other blockchain project and some of them were a bit of a wtf to me, so...I wonder.

  4. I thought that they had a big team, but it turns out there is just 2 of them?? Can somebody confirm this? Either way, it's a lot of work wor just two people, on the other hand being able to pull some of that stuff off just the two of them, it's kind of impressive.

  5. "Chinese buy their own product" - yeah, I guess, but I've been trying to search Chinese news and tech pages and haven't found much on the Antshares and the converstions people had at many of those places seemed quite similar to those we have on our Reddit (people not really knowing stuff, speculating, arguing, confirmation bias, hopes for the moon, trashing stupid people beliveing the hype... )

  6. 10K Followers on twitter isn't really that impressive.

  7. Chinese boom of QR code payments is a definite plus when it comes to adoption of such tech as cryptocurrency.

So, these are just some things I had to point out. If you have some solid info I would be really glad to hear it out, as of the points I am making I can provide links to most of them, but would have to look for it in my history, so I if you really want to, I will find it for you.

Full disclosure: I currently own some, so would totally love it to go to the moon.

Investment tip - if you want to go for it, now is the time, it went down nicely like everything else.

Thanks for your comment, your information is really useful!

This may happen and its sound advice. However if you look at what happened with ETH... I think a lot of people are sad they missed the boat when it was $10.

when the bubble burst and price get stable, thats the time to buy for long term investment.

HODL. Don't be stupid.

Agreed. This is China's big eth/bitcoin play!

How's that working out for ya?? :)

No wonder, went to Antshares site and didn't understand it much. Don't really like the name but it's worth noting this Cryptocurrency, less speculation and concentrate on Value. Following you for more post like this heads up!

Thank you! Glad I was able to give you some insight :)

Valid post. The rebranding during the conference has already driven the price up substantially. I've been an ANS holder for quite a while, and I'm very happy with this weeks performance.

A lot of programming language support. And I think that the Chinese people would want to rally support for a coin created by their countrymen. I've got a lot more reading to do the next few days, and a lot of chart watching to do to see if I'm going to cash out or hodl.

It's currently 14th on CMC and catching up fast to GNT and ZEC. Got a follow from me good sir.

Long-time hodlers rejoice! I bought at around $1.50 so I'm very satisfied about its performance as well :) And you're right. The amount of information flowing in makes analyzing ANS a full-time job. Might become a whole lot more info on the 22nd.

Thank you for the follow!

You must be quite happy indeed! Up 1459.691% past month according to CoinCap

I am feeling pretty perplexed by Antshares growth at this point. I choose to reply here since this post outlines a lot of the positives to be excited about with Antshares. However, in contrast to other early adoption crypto interests (LBRY, IOTA, SIA, STEEM, BTS), Antshares in my opinion feels like a very rough product. Here is an outline of some of my initial criticisms:

  1. The Antshares website feels rough and has limited functionality. For example, some of the wallets are either not completed (android / ios) wallets or not functional (osx). This is a rather important feature set considering the relationship of the wallets to Antcoin generation.
  2. I am an Apple user, so I opted for the web portal wallet. My test transfer from Bittrex has yet to show in the web wallet (3 hours). I will update my experience with the web wallet and the result of my test transfer later.
  3. It is my understanding that Antcoins are only supported with the pc wallet at this time. Regardless, a transfer from Bittrex costs 1 ANS. This is more than $10 transaction fee at the time of this post.
    At this point, I am suspicious that most of the Antshares hype centers around 3 primary considerations: 1. Antshares asserts to be a next generation Ethereum-like product. 2. Antshares is a China product, and therefore speculation is that it will be heavily adopted by China business interests. 3. ANS market cap is comparatively low to ETH.
    I am still very interested to learn more from the steemit community that has more experience with this cryptocurrency as well as any takeaways from the upcoming Antshares conference.

The transaction fee is a bug from bittrex, it should be 1 ANC (not ANS). The web wallet still has to sync locally with all transactions. The transaction is probably there, you're just not seeing it yet. You can check by looking up the transaction ID on antshare's blockchain explorer:

As far as I can tell, the ANS / ANC issue is not a bug. Everything you need to know: Antshares vs Antcoins. Here is a recent Medium article I found that further encapsulates my concerns.

Thanks for the info, curious to see how it will do!

You're welcome!

Wonderful post! I didn't know much about it until now.

Thank you! Glad I was able to give you some insight.

Yes I must agree NEO is undervalued with a lot of potential, I am buying it from time to time now. I bought 2 NEO the other day and profited $6 already.

wondering if you could do an update to this post with the new rebranding to neo, and other news this past month involving ANS/NEO



I think so too.

yes, me too

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