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RE: State of the crypto markets 2018 and beyond (EOS savior?)

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Some great information posted @amberlamps I still believe that sub USD20, EOS is a steal. IMHO, in 12 months this coin will blow up and deep FOMO and regret will have kicked in from the masses that did not take the plunge.

Once people wrap their head’s around that this is an operating system for the blockchain, that helps to make dapps into a simple process and allow devs many of the tools they need, then the value proposition will become clear. Oh yeah...those free airdrops will also help!


Great point bringing up that EOS is a "operating system" for block-chain, that doesn't get stressed enough. Where ETH is literally only an ICO launcher at this point, EOS is changing the way daps are funded, as well as actually providing a operating system where they can effectively run.