IoTChain - why is it surging? FAQ

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********IOT CHAIN INFO*****************
Check our FAQ Sheet for ITC!

One Line

  • IOTA Blockchain of China


  • Strong investors (FBG)
  • Strong comparable with IOTA at $12bn
  • Little advertising so far
  • Partnerships with
    • Shanghai High flying electronics technology
    • Peoples daily digital communication
    • Shenzhen Galaxywind Network system
    • Shanghai Shuncom Smart Technology
    • Telink semiconductor
    • Shanghai BeTiger Network Technology
    • Shenzhen LEnze Technology

Why is it Important?

  • Security
    • IOT is susceptible to botnet attacks
  • Cost
    • IOT has a high cost of centralised architecture
    • Maintaining the centralised cloud and large scale serve cluster is very expensive

Core technology

  • Asymmetrical encryption
    • ITC nodes protect the users privacy
    • The blockchain cannot be tampered with
  • Scalability
    • The future ITC will have tens of thousands of nodes to meet the needs of IOT data storage with the blockchain.
  • Consensus system
    • PBFT consensus, the DAG network






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Unfortunately, only available on Huobi?
If I could buy some easily, I might. This seems like an interesting project to have as a small side-hodl


Bibox is available for US citizens.

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