My top undervalued coin that is still undervalued but has a potential of IOTA!

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This coin is.. IoT Chain

ITC is designed to solve the severe safety problems of present IoT. ITC applies a combination of asymmetric encryption of cryptography, semi-homomorphic-encryption ciphertext computing technology and distributed architecture without data center.

Core technology

  • Asymmetrical encryption
    • ITC nodes protect the users privacy
    • The blockchain cannot be tampered with
  • Scalability
    • The future ITC will have tens of thousands of nodes to meet the needs of IOT data storage with the blockchain.
  • Consensus system
    • PBFT consensus, the DAG network

basically IoT Chain is a Chinese answer for IOTA and utilising the DAG technology.

See market cap of different DAG's (I made it a few days ago):


Undervaluation of IoT is heavy from every point of view:

  • it's the only Chinese coin using DAG technology,
  • biggest Chinese crypto fund (FBG) invested in them
  • Partnerships with:
    • Shanghai High flying electronics technology
    • Peoples daily digital communication
    • Shenzhen Galaxywind Network system
    • Shanghai Shuncom Smart Technology
    • Telink semiconductor
    • Shanghai BeTiger Network Technology
    • Shenzhen LEnze Technology
  • so far no advertising and under the radar of the whole western world
    -will be listed by Binance if their telegram reaches 5000 people:
  • very low cap, only about 60m USD,
  • only 420 token holders - strong hands! Just look at the chart:

Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 13.49.43.png

You can clearly see a slow but sustaining accumulation, in fact I bough 25k of it at the current prices and I know many whales getting it because with that tiny market cap it will easily blow up 500% in next 3 months.

It's trading on Huobi and Okex.

Private sale of IoT chain raised 10m USD.

1 ETH in ICO = 1000 tokens

Total supply of tokens = 100m.

Circulating supply = 50m.

Still awaiting to be added to blockfolio and coinmarketcap properly visible.

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bough for 10 eth 3 days ago


Thats 30 ETH now :)

Thank you for this information! Great post. Maybe I will buy some myself

Iota is good to invest ?


IOT (ITC) better,

Thanks for this post! Love their vision and I believe IOTA will increase significantly over the next month, missed to buy at 0.5...


This is about IoT Chain which is a competition to IOTA.


I think you are confusing IOTA with IoT Chain

The author is referring to the latter


well read what I wanted to read - sorry, but still believe IOTA might win the race.
Still nice pre-view thanks - let's see what will happen once it hits Binance.


The more DAG solutions the better.

Co myślisz o SONM?


Nie interesowałem się nim nigdy bliżej, słyszałem tylko jakieś plotki że może niedługo wejść na bittrex.


a ktora z tych giełd co wymieniles polecisz? mysle nad kupnem IoT :)


Huobi jest wygodniejsze niż okex i jest tam dobry wolumen.

Great post!

Hey, if you guys are interested in a more opposing view on the IoT Chain, check out my steemit article about their coin.

There's another DAG chain cryptocurrency coming soon: Yobicash.

Yobicash is a cryptocurrency based on DAG chain so doesn't have the scalability issues associated with blockchains.

Yobicash is a cryptocurrency built to secure the storage and sharing of data by ensuring the main properties of information security: confidentiality, integrity and availability. To enforce these properties, Yobicash employs cryptographic protocols, data replication, economic incentives and a DAG chain of transactions.

The cryptographic primitives and design are described by project designer Christian Nyumbayire in the Yobicash whitepaper first published in October 2017:

In summary, Yobicash reinforces:

privacy through zero-knowledge proof and encryption
data integrity through cryptographic authentication
data availability through replication

To find out more, join the Yobicash chat:

Hi dawidrams,

First of all, thank you for writing an article about ITC on Steemit! I'm Ruizhi of IoT Chain (ITC). At the moment, we are going to create a Steemit channel to reach out to more people and increase the awareness of people! It would be great to work together and make this project a bigger success. You're already active on Steemit, so if you want to help and support ITC, please contact me asap! My email is [email protected]

Hope to hear from you soon!

Kr, Ruizhi