Crytpo Bounce Back, Time to Celebrate? Crypto & Chronic

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In this episode of Crypto & Chronic, we discuss the crypto market recovery, and the good news coming out of the U.S. We also discuss a few cryptos and ICOs.

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Great content!! +1 follower and had to resteem it as well!

Just watched on YouTube. Super impressed with your setup! Much props to you! I’ll upvote your post if you’ll collect your rewards! Click that black button inside your wallet and get your money!! If you don’t want it then you should donate or delegate to a good cause like steem cleaners. Don’t keep letting it pile up. Unless you have a strategy I’m not aware of then I would love to hear it! Great show and look forward to more. By the way I live in Vegas and would love to have a crypto and chronic get together anytime!

Never have I seen something more appropriate for me to subscribe to.

I like your approach which is focused upon learning about new technologies that can have a positive transformative effect upon the world. One new coin that caught my eye is Medichain which enables you to take control of your medical records and anonymize/monetize them for researchers to use. Any thoughts on this?

Great episode again David. Watched your youtube live stream again. Maybe a great idea is to open a Dlive live stream for a couple of hours and just chat with us about crypto. I am also blogging about steem and crypto!

I'm really struggling using DTube. The videos won't embed in my steemit posts, the uploads are slow and sometimes cancel. I'm waiting to switch over but everything needs to work.

I know that there are a few issues. I suggest you should just use both for now. Youtube and Dtube and maybe at the end of 2018 review how Dtube has been working. It is all new so just give it some time

Love your content David, I got to give you props for being able to stay productive on the herbs, some people can't handle that.

I like this combination concept hahaha. good stuff man

Crypto is the only way to go people need to take back control of there own assetts

Excellent work. I watched your "Steemit - The Billion Dollar Social Media Giant Replacing Reddit & Facebook" video and enjoyed it very much!

omg this is an awesome! Great work!

hahaha , good smoking

Bro I like the niche, bud and bitcoin. Talk so good, it'll will make you want to fold the dishes.

You need some crazy obscure music to go with the flashing neon! 1 min of elevator music would do too.

🔥 it up, everyone over looks us stoners as major players.

I believe that binance will be the push when they get their that all others will have to follow, very bullish on binance in general they have big plans awesome coin adoption system.
Bitshares over tether all the way.

I have been watching Crypto Riot on youtube for a few weeks, wasn't expecting to see you here hitting the bong! what a great surprise - love your vids - Following now, keep up the great work mate

Market going up feels so good.
I think its time to buy ripple now.


One of the believable crypto youtuber out there. keep it up!!

Great video! Still think it's a little too early to say we're out of the crash ... have to break the downtrend. Hopefully soon :)

Awesome video. Yes with So many ICOs coming out, i am a bit hopeful about transaction in this new frontier.
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I always love your content David. I'm glad to be seeing you here instead of just Youtube.

Crypto Bounce Back while Binance is off Track....Outstanding Video!!!

A bit too early to celebrate in my opinion but it's definitely nice to see some green after all the red in the last couple of days.

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