Crypto Currencies with Finite Supply

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Hey Steemians,

Seeking out information about the supply of a crypto currency might be a good place to start when researching a coin to invest in. Logically the fewer coins available(along with a zillion other factors lol DYOR!),the higher the value of the coins especially when the maximum supply of the coin is reached. In this post I scanned through all the top 100 coins available on coinmarketcap on the 13th of August 2017,10pm GMT and then extracted information on crypto currencies with a maximum supply.


Please note that total supply is different from maximum supply,while maximum supply refers to the the maximum number of coins that would ever exist during the life time of that crypto currency,Total supply on the other hand simply refers to the total number of coins of that crypto currency currently existing, not necessarily circulating,and yeah it means there could be more coins . (Read this last paragraph again, you should get it)

Coins with Max Supply

In the top 100 , I found 19 Crypto currencies with a maximum supply. In the list below, I have sorted the maximum supply colum to list the crypto currency with the lowest maximum supply to the crypto currency with the higest maximum supply.

CryptoAbbrvMAX Supply
Bitcoin CashBCH21,000,000
Metaverse ETPETP100,000,000
Safe Exchange CoinSAFEX2,147,483,647

You can see from the list that Etheroll (Dice) is the crypto currency with the lowest maximum supply in the top 100 with a maximum of just 7,001,622 coins that would ever be in existence during its lifetime, DASH is next with 18,900,000 while Bitcoin and its fork(Bitcoin Cash) round up the top three cryptocurrencies with the least maximum supply.

Comparing Maximum Supply to Circulating Supply

The idea here is to see the percentage of the Crypto's maximum supply that is already in circulation.

CryptoCirculating Supply% of Max Supply in Circulation
Safe Exchange Coin2,147,483,647100.00%
Bitcoin Cash16,490,00078.52%
Metaverse ETP22,600,00022.60%

You can see from the table above,Etheroll, Ardor, Safe Exchange Coin and IOTA already have all the coins that will ever be in existence already in circulation, If this would make these coins more valuable in the long Run, that is the million dollar question.

Disclaimer : This post is just for informational purposes only, it is not investment advice

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This is the kind of information that makes being involved in Cryptos so much FUN. When you analyze coins for future consideration there are many factors to consider and one of the most important factors in my opinion is the total number of coins that will be in existence...............Thank You for posting this. UP Voted !!!

Glad you found the information useful

I did and I appreciate that you took the time to engage your commenters......................

Though your disclaimer says otherwise but I belive this is an important investment advice. I remember I was going to join the trend with ripple after it rose 4000% . Fortunately I checked the supply and I just knew it wasn't going to rise anymore. It never did, rather it fell to the ground. Thanks for this again.

Yes ripple it's a peculiar case,It does have a maximum supply albeit a very high number but people see risks in the distribution of massive amounts of the coin amongst it's founders

Great analysis, Thanks for sharing and compiling this coins with finite supply

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That's a really interesting way to consider cryptos, and should be taken more in consideration! Congrats!

Can you make a forecast for Dogecoin in the next 6 months?

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very informative

ok i vote you i always remember you my friend :)

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What about STEEM?

Steem does not have a maximum supply

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Solid post. Same mindset here. The coin market will be turbulent for the upcoming year(s) but I really believe in it. We really need more insights in the market and previous investment results (even though they don't deliver any guarantee for the future). Besides there is: Complete Coin analysis about the team, product, communication transparency, advisors and investment statistics.

Good post. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It always surprises me how people still sell when a crypto goes down. I mean just invest in solid coins and skip the shady ones. Crypto is here to stay. I was researching a way to do better investment analysis on the current cryptos. Does anyone know about: I'm using this site that gives in depth reports on every tradable cryto in the market.

Really nice info,you have my upvote.
What about steemit?
I know it's not a finate currency like the once listed here,but is there any info on how many steem $ are currently in circulation and how exactly are new ones created?

interesting article. Very helpful information

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