USDC Is One Year Old

American cryptocurrency exchange celebrates the first year of USDC since its release back in 2018 and becoming one of the most popular and influential dollar-pegged stablecoin in the crypto market.

The official Twitter account of Coinbase congratulated USDC for this milestone stating that is has become the second most popular stablecoin supported by over 100 companies globally, surpassing $1 billion issued in less than a year.

USDC reached a total of 421,469,737 coins and is minted under a strictly controlled environment and reflects only real-world fund inflows while acting at the same time as a fiat off-ramp.

Coinbase and Circle collaborated to rapidly increase the supply of USDC which started with a supply of roughly 24 million coins and has reached a peak supply above 450 Million Coins.

As it stands USDC only has around 0.83 of the entire stablecoin market where Tether (USDT) remains the leader in terms of market capitalization and utilization.

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