Mastercard Might Be Embracing Cryptocurrencies

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One of the largest creditcard companies in the world, Mastercard appears to be preparing to enter the cryptocurrency space revealed by a recent job ads for blockhain and crypto-related product development.

The card giant is seeking to hire a product management director- crypto wallet/currency, a development and innovation director- Blockchain solutions architect, and a vice president for product management- Blockchain/Crypto.

The listing reveals that the credit card giant is forming a team that will focus on developing blockchain-based solutions that include wallets.

New hires will be required to identify solutions and concepts that have strategic fit and value tp Mastercard’s customers and partners.

The job ads do not, however, disclose the full details of the scope of the blockchain product they want to deploy; it must be noted that Mastercard is one of the partners in the Libra Association - a consortium established to govern Facebook’s planned Stablecoin project, Libra.

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Interesting! Let's see how will this company utilize blockchain technology.

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