Crypto-Currency Price Predictions

Below are my price predictions for the following Crypto-Currencies. Just so you know, I base these predictions off of NOTHING but my gut and you should do your own research.

Bitcoin Current Price: ~2150
------------End of 2017: 8000
------------Mid 2018: 25000
------------End of 2018: 100,000

Ethereum Current Price: ~170
------------End of 2017: 900
------------Mid 2018: 4500
------------End of 2018: 10,000

Ethereum Classic Current Price: ~10
------------End of 2017: 75
------------Mid 2018: 450
------------End of 2018: 1000

Dash Current Price: ~125
------------End of 2017: 750
------------Mid 2018: 2500
------------End of 2018: 7,500

Golem Current Price: ~.33
------------End of 2017: 1
------------Mid 2018: 5
------------End of 2018: 10

DigixDOA Current Price: ~81.25
------------End of 2017: 200
------------Mid 2018: 2500
------------End of 2018: 16000
(The reason why I think this is going to go up is that Digix will release DGX and see that people will have a stable income because of this)

Token Card Current Price: ~1
------------End of 2017: 25
------------Mid 2018: 1000
------------End of 2018: 12000
(I see Token Card Going up exponentially as more people use the card)

Steem Current Price: ~1.11
------------End of 2017: 2.50
------------Mid 2018: 25.00
------------End of 2018: 125.00
(This one I'm completely guessing. If it overtakes youtube it could be way higher (or lower))

Ripple Current Price: ~.3
------------End of 2017: 1.25
------------Mid 2018: 1
------------End of 2018: 0
(My Theory is if the banks go down, then this will be a similar path of Ripple)

Ripple Current Price: ~.3
------------End of 2017: 1.25
------------Mid 2018: 2.25
------------End of 2018: 15
(If the banks don't go down. The Idea is the banks will dump money into this)

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Crypto, I have had trouble in the last week attempting to buy digital currency. I tried both coinbase and gemini with my credit card, would not be accepted. Called my bank about the credit card- bank stated that it had been approved (then both coinbase and gemini denied the buy). Any ideas?
Or another reputable transaction site? I am in the US.


use coinmama, i used it few times its pretty fast

OK then. By using the formula:

Percent Increase = ((End Price / Current Price) - 1 ) * 100%
By the end of 2018 you predict increases of:

BTC: 4,550%
ETH: 5,780%
ETC: 10,000%
DASH: 6,000%
Golem: 2,930%
DigixDOA: 19,590%
Token Card: 1.2 Million %
Ripple: Either 0% or 4,900%

Well, if this happens, I can safely say it will beat the interest I'm getting with money in my bank savings account.

Oh yeah, and if this happens, I won't be driving to my current job every day.


Thanks for the math!


with all that math.. you da real mvp


Some perspective for you...

There are so many. And they rise faster than i can learn them.

I think 8000 is a bit high for BTC at the end of the year. I'd guess around $5k


You guessed wrong

Good predictions, although I think Ripple is going to be toe to toe with Bitcoin. That's just my humble opinion/hope:)
@victorvazco upvote, reply, follow and I shall do the same


BTC has a circulating supply of 16,412,587 and total cap of 20,999,999.9769.

XRP has a circulating supply of 38,291,387,790 and total cap of 100,000,000,000

How would XRP ever reach the same price per coin (or even close) with that circulating supply?

Not gonna happen although I'm not suggesting it doesn't have huge growth ahead.


That's the spirit!!! Upvited etc.

Dude if your 2018 predictions are even close to right most Steemians are gonna be insanely rich.

Interesting point of view. It seems to align with the collapse of worldwide governments. We'll see how it turns out!

What are your predictions on STEEM and SBD? @cryptowallet ?


I did steem above


Yeah, I missed it! That's exciting though. I hope your predictions come to fruition.

I'm thinking more like $10,000 BTC by 2020
Really like your $10 Golem projection!


Hard to believe it's almost 10,000 right now...

I made this following prediction due to technical paramters (price action), perhaps you would give your opinnion?

I agree about the fundamentals of bitcoin though and belive around the 5000 dollar range bitcoin will really begin to get traction.

I guess should be by far higher than that.

Up voted because I like your honesty and how you think. Still gotta ask, why no steem prediction.


Added above

Let's hope so! Lol

Love the optimism of your post, hope all these crypto currencies reaches these levels. Upvoted and followed!

Realistically, how much money will be put into the crpyto market? For cryptocurrencies to have such drastic value increases, it would have to be a multi-trillion market in a matter of months, no?


Indeed I think he is a bit optimistic even if he is probably right that some of those currencies will appreciate.

How about altcoin price....?
maybe for BCN...?

does Coinbase own Token?


Here are the places taking it "" which is why it is so cheap. Bittrex and liqui are the most user friendly (i like liqui)


I say the same thing about Nem, it is not commonly traded. Once they get on more platforms they skyrocket. I will look into tokencard. Thanks.

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what's your STEEM prediction?


I added it above

Now that would be THE day. I like it

@cryptowallet I need to learn about Token Card, where can I buy them ? It would be nice to invest some money and check the price in December....

Loving your predictions, I hope the first three do become that big. I was wondering if you can give me your opinion on why Ripple will fall to 0?

Also what do you think of Tezos? First ICO coming out in a few hours.

I hope you are right with your optimistic prediction! :)

really wow ^^

hello sir

I am new in this field. Which coins should I purchase in cheap price which can go high like Bitcoin in coming years?


fun, faircoin, lindacoin,...

Love this post. For some reason very few people post concrete crypto predictions.

Can u re-iterate your predictions as per current scenario as it seems a little gloomy period for crypto investers :) , news floating around regarding s.korea & U.S too planning to keep an end to ICO & crypto trading.

The figures are not realistic here. They just shows potential/probabilties of growth for those cryptos thats it.
And, for all cryptos, It'll be mind-blowing things for us, if it can reach 1/2 or 1/4 of your mentioned figures out there...!!

Very good article. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. I'm not sure if coins are that high risk. The quality coins are here to stay and it's like buying in at the S&P 500 50 years ago. Cryptos will fall and rise at a more rapit phase any investment market has ever seen. Just hold (literaly) and enjoy the ride. I really advice people to take a look at: I really missed a platform that analyses every single coin in depth but this site gave me all the answers.

Good points in this post. Interesting to see I'm not the only one that is thinking about this. The fluctuating market will result in the greatest price swings any market has ever seen. An interesting website I found: I really missed a platform that analyses every single coin in depth but this site gave me all the answers.

How in the world is this a "very good article"? it's not even an article. Just predicting random numbers without any logic.

Banks wont fall that fast. ripple will operate pretty long until everyone starts to use cryptocurrency, so predicting that ripple might become worth 0 that fast is really wrong prediction. :)

Curious to know if any research went into these or just guessing. Your btc guess could become reality this year.

Excellent post @cryptowallet, congratulations on this great research, thank you very much for sharing this information.