NEO Bounces Back In Price? My Thoughts.

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NEO bounces back in value from its recent plummet due to the Chinese banning ICO's. My question is why did it bounce back? Since NEO is meant for China to use and china banned it, why would anyone buy this coin. Please let me know in the comments what you think.


should have bought last week smh

yeah wish we bought bitcoin in 2010

lol a-hole comments aside, I also wish I bought more last week; hope to buy more over time before it gets 'too out of hand' price wise;

Indeed I was wondering the same. Pressure on crypto today is because of China and NEO is the most Chinese of all of them :)

the red pulse ico may have something to do with it?

Dont know what that is to be honest ?

hey mate I agree it doesn't seem logical but perhaps peoples awareness of NEO grew when the price plummeted whereas before hand they may not have been aware of its potential. I bought my first parcel on the dip and plan on holding long term now

I agree; I think in spite of what China did, the project is too exciting to 'go away' ... that neon wallet is amazing; getting Gas for staking Neo is exciting stuff -


says :

I agree; I think in spite of what China did, the project is too exciting to 'go away' ... that neon wallet is amazing; getting Gas for staking Neo is exciting stuff -

earns no votes; gets $0.00 ..........

pfa comes along; types:


and earns $3.04 .... on Absolutely. (as of today) ....

(just an observation)

AntShares was really when to jump in on it. The rebranding of AntShares to NEO was very clever and it did overtake litecoin at one point when it hit $51. That was all before the ICO ban in China, not sure if it will reach those heights again that quickly. But you never know.

NEO is life. NEO knows best. Trust NEO.

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The NEO recovery is because the founder Da Hongfei claimed he was asked by the Chinese regulators to give advice on the crack downs and ICO bans. He approved of the crack down to prevent scams, given the crack down effects NEO and he approves it means something is set to change with some regulations/rules incoming and/or NEO is safe in the mid-long term from Chinese regulation.

After this NEO obviously is going to bounce back and maybe go on breaking new highs.

This hasn't been confirmed, as far as I know, from the Chinese regulators if he was asked to give advice. Could be all BS to get confidence back in NEO and push price up and then again its China they could suddenly change everything over night and surprise us all.

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