BravadoGroup and Several Other MAJOR Crypto Influencers Caught Planning Massive Pump And Dump Schemes

The post that you are about to read may potentially shake up the entire cryptosphere.

Before I get into any explanations, I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves first. All I will say to give you some pre-text is that I was invited into BravadoGroup by CryptoGag around the end of March (approximately March 31st) on a 'trial' basis.

Before I was actually accepted into the Discord chat, I was invited into a Telegram channel. In there, I observed some very disturbing posts that I documented. Please read below:

This is a picture of the screenshot posted in the chat ^^

Now, that's just PART ONE of the messages that they sent. This was like the warm-up conversation.

Remember the link that crypto_signals posted in there? That's where they really started talking. I took screenshots of everything said in there too.

Here's the screenshot where that link was provided:

I went in that chat, and found out WAY more information from there as well:

The screenshots that I'm about to post are from the top of that chat to the bottom


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (2).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (5).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (6).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (7).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (8).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (9).jpg


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (2).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (3).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (5).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (6).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (7).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (8).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-44 (2).jpg


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-44 (3).jpg


Now, here are screenshots from the 'investment pool Google Docs that you see above ^^^

Now, back to the conversation:

Now, here are the screenshots of everyone that was in this Telegram channel discussing these things:

From the posts above, I don't think much needs to be said. It'll probably take me several more hours to unpack who is exactly affiliated with what in that group and what the implications are, but there are a long list of names that you all should check out.

Also, I've already contacted the SEC, FBI and other federal authorities regarding their activities on the market. I have all intentions of making an in-person visit either today (April 25th, 2018) or tomorrow to deliver all of these screenshots.

More than likely, the response to this article will be an attempted character assasination of some sort on me. However, that changes nothing about the character of these messages. I could be Adolf Hitler, and these messages are what they are.

They'll more than likely state, 'Oh, he just has an axe to grind with us'. Yes, I do. They're a bunch of frauds that tried to defame my brand and name for 'fake followers' and other things. Not only that, I can't stand this type of shit in the space. These are some of the biggest names in crypto and they are manipulating a slew of things that you see around you.

It's time that we finally get this type of trash out of our cryptocurrency community once and for all. I'll be posting a follow-up response to this post to explain the situation in greater detail in a few hours. Until now, I'll leave this all for you to sort through and unpack.

My Twitter = @CryptoMedicated

I'm not here to hide at all.


Great freaking work brother. I run a channel as well and one of the main things people say whenever I mention a coin is that I am shilling to dump on people.

Truth be told, this kind of activity hurts everyone and would never take part. I feel if you have a platform to influence it shoube used to educate and not molest those who look up to you .

Great job boss

Which channel do you run? I would like to check your content and maybe you could check mine.


Oh no the TG is is now private invite only. I can send you a link. I can’t post here as we would get flooded

Sure, go ahead. Find me on our telegram there.

THis one right?
Check also ours:

We want to believe it stands out from all those TG channels, at least thats what people tell us.

Can you send me a link for your private TG group please ?

I am @coco357i on TG too
Thx :)

Sure. This one is only for announcements, news, general education and info:
Here you can talk to people:
We also create pool for investors to enter seed/presales for ICOs.

You can also follow us on Steemit, we post here a lot lately

heyy much more than this group ->

nice pump channel : @rocketpumptrader

Thanks so much for this. You sir, are a hero in the space. Resteemed and upvoted.

A hero to a hero ;)

Upvoted for getting a Steemit link to the front of /r/cryptocurrency

Pump and Dump is part of unregulated market strategy in any market that i have seen...stock, future, commodity, CFD.......You make tons of money and lose tons of money too. Once the regulation comes in June is illegal to pump and dump. Enjoy the next round of pump and dump. High risk high return.

Pump and dumps are already illegal almost everywhere. It's not 'wait for regulation', you can be prosecuted for it today.

This style of market making (pump and dump) destroyed the penny stock exchanges of yesteryear. Market Markers are already working to create put and call options for cryptocurrency. I suspect we will soon see banks building portfolios of subprime crytocurrency loans lined with credit default swaps.

Do you know of a specific regulation coming in June 2018?

Thank you for posting this! What a bunch of creeps....

Bravado threatened some ppl for twitting this article and made this statement below:bravadostatement.jpg

Bitcoin Bravado has lost all credibility.

LOL, I really hope they do sue, because the legal discovery process would require the logs from their TG groups to be entered into the record. Wanna bet this is not the first time they (allegedly, ha!) set up a P&D.

If any of them is a resident of US or shilled it there, they are seriously fucked. And these threats ultimately expose them.


Just wow. This is bad but not unexpected.

Of course it's illegal. Did we really need to look up whether market manipulation for financial gain was illegal?

Scanning through the comments it seems so.

Scary. Then those folks have no business being in these markets.

Not entirely surprising there are lots of greedy and unscrupulous people in this space.

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