BravadoGroup and Several Other MAJOR Crypto Influencers Caught Planning Massive Pump And Dump Schemes

The post that you are about to read may potentially shake up the entire cryptosphere.

Before I get into any explanations, I'd rather let the pictures speak for themselves first. All I will say to give you some pre-text is that I was invited into BravadoGroup by CryptoGag around the end of March (approximately March 31st) on a 'trial' basis.

Before I was actually accepted into the Discord chat, I was invited into a Telegram channel. In there, I observed some very disturbing posts that I documented. Please read below:

This is a picture of the screenshot posted in the chat ^^

Now, that's just PART ONE of the messages that they sent. This was like the warm-up conversation.

Remember the link that crypto_signals posted in there? That's where they really started talking. I took screenshots of everything said in there too.

Here's the screenshot where that link was provided:

I went in that chat, and found out WAY more information from there as well:

The screenshots that I'm about to post are from the top of that chat to the bottom


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (2).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (5).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (6).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (7).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (8).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-42 (9).jpg


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (2).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (3).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (4).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (5).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (6).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (7).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-43 (8).jpg

photo_2018-04-25_07-53-44 (2).jpg


photo_2018-04-25_07-53-44 (3).jpg


Now, here are screenshots from the 'investment pool Google Docs that you see above ^^^

Now, back to the conversation:

Now, here are the screenshots of everyone that was in this Telegram channel discussing these things:

From the posts above, I don't think much needs to be said. It'll probably take me several more hours to unpack who is exactly affiliated with what in that group and what the implications are, but there are a long list of names that you all should check out.

Also, I've already contacted the SEC, FBI and other federal authorities regarding their activities on the market. I have all intentions of making an in-person visit either today (April 25th, 2018) or tomorrow to deliver all of these screenshots.

More than likely, the response to this article will be an attempted character assasination of some sort on me. However, that changes nothing about the character of these messages. I could be Adolf Hitler, and these messages are what they are.

They'll more than likely state, 'Oh, he just has an axe to grind with us'. Yes, I do. They're a bunch of frauds that tried to defame my brand and name for 'fake followers' and other things. Not only that, I can't stand this type of shit in the space. These are some of the biggest names in crypto and they are manipulating a slew of things that you see around you.

It's time that we finally get this type of trash out of our cryptocurrency community once and for all. I'll be posting a follow-up response to this post to explain the situation in greater detail in a few hours. Until now, I'll leave this all for you to sort through and unpack.

My Twitter = @CryptoMedicated

I'm not here to hide at all.


Great freaking work brother. I run a channel as well and one of the main things people say whenever I mention a coin is that I am shilling to dump on people.

Truth be told, this kind of activity hurts everyone and would never take part. I feel if you have a platform to influence it shoube used to educate and not molest those who look up to you .

Great job boss

Which channel do you run? I would like to check your content and maybe you could check mine.


Oh no the TG is is now private invite only. I can send you a link. I can’t post here as we would get flooded

Sure, go ahead. Find me on our telegram there.

THis one right?
Check also ours:

We want to believe it stands out from all those TG channels, at least thats what people tell us.

Can you send me a link for your private TG group please ?

I am @coco357i on TG too
Thx :)

Sure. This one is only for announcements, news, general education and info:
Here you can talk to people:
We also create pool for investors to enter seed/presales for ICOs.

You can also follow us on Steemit, we post here a lot lately

heyy much more than this group ->

nice pump channel : @rocketpumptrader

Thanks so much for this. You sir, are a hero in the space. Resteemed and upvoted.

A hero to a hero ;)

Upvoted for getting a Steemit link to the front of /r/cryptocurrency

Pump and Dump is part of unregulated market strategy in any market that i have seen...stock, future, commodity, CFD.......You make tons of money and lose tons of money too. Once the regulation comes in June is illegal to pump and dump. Enjoy the next round of pump and dump. High risk high return.

Pump and dumps are already illegal almost everywhere. It's not 'wait for regulation', you can be prosecuted for it today.

This style of market making (pump and dump) destroyed the penny stock exchanges of yesteryear. Market Markers are already working to create put and call options for cryptocurrency. I suspect we will soon see banks building portfolios of subprime crytocurrency loans lined with credit default swaps.

Do you know of a specific regulation coming in June 2018?

Thank you for posting this! What a bunch of creeps....

Bravado threatened some ppl for twitting this article and made this statement below:bravadostatement.jpg

Bitcoin Bravado has lost all credibility.

LOL, I really hope they do sue, because the legal discovery process would require the logs from their TG groups to be entered into the record. Wanna bet this is not the first time they (allegedly, ha!) set up a P&D.

If any of them is a resident of US or shilled it there, they are seriously fucked. And these threats ultimately expose them.


Just wow. This is bad but not unexpected.

Of course it's illegal. Did we really need to look up whether market manipulation for financial gain was illegal?

Scanning through the comments it seems so.

Scary. Then those folks have no business being in these markets.

Not entirely surprising there are lots of greedy and unscrupulous people in this space.

This reminds us that we ALWAYS need to do our own research before investing in a coin.

What??? NO, this should NOT be your takeaway. The coin they picked has great fundamentals and potential. There is no way that doing research can uncover private Telegram channels unless they are exposed (which rarely happens).

Your takeaway should be that:

  1. All crypto markets (especially micro-caps) have the potential to be massively manipulated.
  2. Every crypto influencer you know/follow has definitely been approached multiple times by P&D groups. The ones with integrity won't participate, but it is almost impossible to know.
  3. No amount of research can protect you from privately planned pump and dumps. However, always do research -- if you do buy into a pump and dump, at least your coin has a chance of surviving.

When I'm considering to buy a coin I never go in if the price is mooning for no reason... sometime I guess i'm missing opportunities but there is many other in the crypto world!

Research won’t protect from pump and dump though. From what I’ve read they target coins with good fundamentals and low market cap. Which is also an investment strategy.

OH MY FUCKING GOD. Continue posting, I've followed u immediately

pumps and dumps run by scamstars like these are the reason why more than half of the people are afraid of investing in cryptos....

No it isn't. More than half of the people never heard of cryptos. Those who do know, they fear investing in cryptos because they fear risk, PERIOD.

I am so floored that people reading this are actually surprised that it happens! NewsFlash: It also happens in traditional markets. Don't get twisted and act as if it doesn't.

I am not discussing the 'legality' of it all as we already know. Nonetheless, it has been going on in non-crypto markets and still is today REGARDLESS of the legalities.

do not see the problem...what do you think of all the the 130 milj tether dollar they print to fix prices...and that are not the little guys annymore...

Thanks man for sharing this! Glad to have you here!

This is precisely the type of shit that makes it look like nothing more than a huge ponzi... unfortunately crypto is infested with this.

Crypto may be the future and it's wild wild west feel is great, but when you see more extreme cases like this, it simply puts people off. One of the things that got me into crypto what to avoid the issues that exist with large banks and many institutional players. Sad to see we are making our own equivalent.

Not shocked, just very disapointed.

aw you poor thing. Did they upset you. Grow the fuck up. This is crypto. There is nothing wrong with this. Its not illegal nor should it be.

This kid hasn't been scammed yet, that they know of lol. BTW it is illegal. Hence the Bitconnect shills getting dragged into court for similar shit.

Any crypto investor with a ounce of common sense would know this is illegal. You must have been under a rock not to know that.

I doubt the SEC can do anything about this. Crypto is unregulated for now, and these pump and dump groups have been here since the beginning.

Thanks for this - we need to get rid of bad actors bc these types of scenarios are why half my friends avoid crypto!

Watch out for shady guys in your neighbourhood. Who knows what some BTC could buy if you got yourself some wealthy enemies 😓 Thanks a lot for your work and this info!

When you say They're a bunch of frauds that tried to defame my brand do you mean you're one of the founders of Haven?

Thank you for posting this, definitely didn't expect some of these people involved in this.

Thanks man for posting this. I resteemed to my followers and also posted in my Telegram channel for the community. Funny thing is, we share almost the same name in crypto ;). Looks like it matches our ethics as our mission is to provide quality crypto education, being transparent and avoid PnD groups. Thanks again for exposing those guys. I invite you to join us on Telegram and follow our Steemit too. Thank you again and keep up the good work.

  1. Nobody knows, or cares who you are.
  2. Nobody knows, or cares who "BravadoGroup" is
  3. A bunch of idiots with 5 BTC aren't going to make a dent in anything
  4. All you are accomplishing is fulfilling the agenda of TPTSB- to make sheep self regulating.

Bravo - WTG cryptomedication. if we don't ourselves police our own community, it will be done for us in a way that we won't like. Happy to help as I'm just starting to post articles here as well. great work - and it does look like work.

hell. if you think youtube/twitter personalities are doing this, imagine what the banking cartels and megacorporations pull off

CryptoGat is the worst of them all. He has shilled Bitconnect in the past and I don't get why people have suddenly forgotten that he did. He is no different from Crypto Nick, Trevon James and those other fake ass youtubers.

He get's paid to shill coins and he dumps them on his followers. He knows nothing about TA whatsover. Beware of scammers.

I'm really not surprised to be completely honest.

It really shouldn't come as a shock for anyone to learn that crypto is heavily manipulated and that a few big names are responsible for some of it. The most noteworthy thing about this story is the ineptitude of the bunch.

Market manipulation is doing no favors for the public image of crypto and should absolutely be called out/turned in at every possible opportunity. I originally applauded the author for his work, but after reading this ( I take back any praise as it looks like he has released this information based on spite/ego.

The end result (the group being shutdown, possibly made an example of by the law) isn't changed by the motivation behind the exposure, but the guy sounds like a total dick and I'd go so far as to wager that he would be happily pumping away with them if he wasn't demoted.

Of course the response in that link is puerile, silly, and spiteful as could be. Given the caliber of many of the people in the crypto community these days, I'd expect no less.

This childish nonsense ALSO is doing no favors for the public image of crypto and I'm not sure that such behavior should be rewarded.

Just my $.02

This story is extremely exaggerated. Pump and dumps are terrible, immoral, and illegal. But get your story right, and stop with the click-bait titles.

Crypto influencers like BitcoinDad support $XHV. But he and other crypto influencers have no affiliation with the fact that some random no-namers want to try and pump and dump a coin that they like.

Don't try to associate influencers with pumping and dumping a coin just because they support the project of a coin that happens to get pump and dumped by other people.

Worse than Pump and Dump groups, hide behind (pretending to be) being genuine and even tell people to pay for their premium group chat...

It's amazing that nearly everyone in the comments take this as factual evidence, the entire chat could be falsified with fake accounts and 1 asshole with too much time on their hands + a vendetta against the framed individuals. And even if it is true, who cares? The volume that they could control is pretty pathetic, I'm more worried about tether, ASICs, governments, and a variety of other things than I am a couple of PnD participants.

Just to clarify, I don't support PnD's, but the title "MAJOR Crypto Influencers Caught Planning Massive Pump And Dump Schemes" and the first sentence "The post that you are about to read may potentially shake up the entire cryptosphere." Are just sensationalized and clickbaity. There is literally no chance this article could "shake up the cryptosphere"

Small cap coins are a huge risk due to the ease of market manipulation, this is well known. Those who are not educated shouldn't put $ on the table, I wouldn't go balls deep into the stock market without learning the risks. Everyone wants get rich quick. Greed is an easy thing to manipulate, let those who are greedy and hasty to gain wealth learn the hard way.

Once the SEC really cracks down and starts arresting people who participate and orchestrate PnD's they will take care of all of your worries. Do you seriously think the NSA hadn't already collected those communications and that you're outing some massive conspiracy that otherwise would go undetected/without consequence? Let's focus on problems that might actually affect crypto long term and not a few people attempting market manipulation.

That's why I stick to VET accumulation. Real world business and locked up tokens.

Outstanding journalism, well done. I came across your post on Coininsider, rather than Steemit;

I never liked crypto gat. Now i actully have a reason.

haha its funny cause he rubs me the wrong way to and i just couldn't figure out why.

Holy balls! When you said, "The post that you are about to read may potentially shake up the entire cryptosphere", I thought you were exaggerating. This is insane, I can barely believe it. WTF!

Upvoting for the effort and it is certainly an interesting read. Honestly, this is kind of what I expect out of Crypto at this point though. If you don't think all of the paid groups out there are not trying to be MMs then you are willfully ignorant of the space.

Will this make me take a longer look at some of the projects these guys are shilling? Yeah, but we need to be doing our own research anyway. If you buy in to a pump and dump because a twitter influencer said it was a good project, then that really is shame on the buyer.

Incredibly eye opening post 👁what's interesting is that the people involved all knew exactly what was going on. Nobody questioned the return or asked what they could potentially make from the deal, yet they willingly committed to and even financed through escrow a leveraged buy order that would've happened through the groups organizer. Also provides insight into how exchanges may collude with large investment groups and market movers. We all think we're buying the pump, but we're buying the dump, always. 💲

Thanks a million for exposing them...

They're called "shitcoins" for a reason.

Low notional value, easy to buy up and dump. Not so easy with Bitcoin, because its unit value is very high.

Reminds me of OTC Penny Stocks. Pump the issue, tease that you're going to release a 10-Q filing, then dump into the optimism.

Nice post, but I would've put out the most juicy screenshots and then linked to a gallery for the rest. This post is way damn long, man.

Thank you for the great work of making the crypto world a better place. Such a great potential can do so much good and so infested with this nefast actors.

Serious question at @cryptomedication - Would you have posted this if you haven't been demoted from Analyst in the group?

I love how this whole story is unwiding but I also can see that you have a history of bad temper and I honestly feel that you wodn't out these people if they didn't hurt your ego.

To be clear, I am not taking sides. All of these people are guilty as fuck, I just want to hear an honest answer because I think you knew this shit was going on for some time now.

Superb job ..... Lets clear these trash out of cryptocurrency space. They are duping thousands of people, and they still want more money/cryptos. Cant they even stay happy with what theh have without committing these scams? These people should be beaten to death.....

Nasty greedy people. We know it exist but it's very disgusting to read!

Anyway THANKS A MILLION for doing the right thing here. Respect brother 🙏

Good luck with that other 2626 msg's you need to read ;)

How is bitcoin bravado involved? I don't see their name. but holy shit. This made me lose my speech. Who do they think they fucking are!? Make the money but don't let it make you, motherfuckers. This is so whack. Bunch of morons and the reason crypto will die. Human greed knows no limit. goddammit.

Too many dishonest people in crypto... But it is like it is, use the information such people are providing but do a lot of your own research. That should help you to avoid being caught in their games. Greedy ppl! Nice work!

You're the man for doing this. I and the entire crypto community owes you one, big time.

great job buddy, check my group for best upcoming 4x ico's

Takes some guts to put yourself out there. Good for you though.

This is probably only the tip of the iceberg. Good work, we need these criminals out of crypto.

lol This is what happens when you do a poor selection of the people around you, then an idiot comes and f.u.cked up everything. What a dumbasses.

Was your twitter or tv account hacked?

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To the eff prison with those guys.

Great work, I run an educational newsletter and these kind of groups just make it hard to justify the good content + really trying to help the community. Will include this article in the newsletter!

It's pretty obvious that at least some of them are fake accounts. I am following Crypto Signals. And I read his posts every day. I can say with the high level of confidence that this is not his style of writing. Simply said - this is not his English for sure. It's fake account using his name. (language is not the only evidence)

Of course, it's necessary to fight against these practices in crypto worlds. There is no room for this.

This is definitely totally fucked, but how are these guys some of "the biggest names in crypto"? Been in crypto for a long time and I don't know any of these guys.

Because Internet is a very big place

Holy shizz

stable coin to rescue

Good job exposing this. Pump-n-dumpsters should be thrown in jail ASAP.

mane always knew most of these influences and shit are just some bitches. Never should trust what they post.

same beat. I aw through all of them except - joe and dog .. believed that they were good guys.

Why isn't this post the most upvoted post of the month. Steemit meets investigative journalism. Upvoted, resteemed.

Here's a link to another 17,536 member pump group. Take them down please.

Thanks for posting, interesting but not surprising. Good to have my tinfoil hat validated by proof from time to time :)

Holy shit. Great job. This is a truly aweful thing in the crypto sphere and they deserves jail time and massive fines for market manipulation.

Thanks for sharing, i am sure you put a lot of work into sharing this w the community and its much appreciated. I didnt recognize many of the names here but its clear it was some funny business. Then again, i am not at all surprised. Most of trading is probably similar on different levels of capital. Its fucked up, and it sucks and Im not at all promoting this type of behavior nor am I justifying it, but this is how many people get when it comes to money.

Even if you do TA, i been studying TA, and i know that i am sure even in doing TA, its based on patterns of humans, humans who do shit like this with high volume, more expensive coins cuz they got deeper pockets. We just as traders or investors gotta be smart and always DYOR. Thanks again dude, i am sure you are dealing with a lot of shit for posting this but i think it should help a lot of people realize why they should never blindly follow people even well known crypto influencers (assuming they are).

Honest comment. crypto medication needs a big appreciation for showing this to people.

Total Bs post looking for support from all of the other whiners out there.
Grow up this is the big boys game. Bank, governments, and big business have and will continue to do this.
And of course it does not feel good for the little guy to find out the truth but the fact is all of these whiners hoping to get the big mafia (Feds) involved, because " it is not fair" is only cutting our own throat, and giving the real whales more power to manipulate..
Cheers, At least you figured out a way to make some money off of it via steemit. although as a snitch.

good work! thank you!

I think this may be legal and I do not think the SEC or FBI have jurisdiction. Crypto is unregulated, I am very interested to see how this plays out. Thank you for the post.

I am deeply disappointed. I almost follow them all. Thanks for sharing.

Well. It's pretty obvious that at least some of them are fake accounts. I am following Crypto Signals. And I read his posts every day. I can say with the high level of confidence that this is not his style of writing. Simply said - this is not his English for sure.
It's fake account using his name.

#crypto pump and dumps are all the new rage! You’re not cool if you’re not pumping and dumping.

Interesting story, but will have little to no impact on the markets aside from the coins/tokens mentioned.

Thank you for posting this. Market manipulators need some sunshine for sure. I was wondering if you'd be willing to follow this up with an educational piece. What is actually going on in a pump and dump? What are the people talking about? How could an ordinary person know to spot when the coin they want to buy for their own reasons is in the midst of a pump and dump? How can investors protect themselves?

Thanks for that, will be more careful on what we put our money at.

This does not surprise me at all. Glad to see it has been exposed.

Fuck these people

I always suspected this was going on but didn't know they do it. thanks for showing me

Great work and well done for sharing with the community, i think we all know this goes on to some extent.... The sooner regulations get on board and work in line with improving the standards and well being of investors the better!

good job keeping people accountable for their action...nothing wrong with this in the wild west crypto era but ethic count later on..timestamped and noted ..thanks

Good job. At this point not sure if there is much that can be done in the end. There are no rules against insider trading or collusion. But this could set the precedent for future rules.

What are you trying to prove or disprove it here? What's the news? Welcome to crypto LOL...

heyy much more than this group ->

Guys I found this pump group that is looking very promising

Also they give the signal on their website at

When regulation comes, it'll be retroactive, backwordlooking, and so some people will end up in jail. Hopefully

Total loon if you believe that’s it’s not.

Oh, it is. And this is just 1 in a thousand. They are doing this everywhere everyday, with or without bots. And its illegal.

Some of the biggest names in crypto are going to run the market right into the ground.
More useful tech would be nice, instead crypto is full of PnD ponzi get rich quick when lambo promoters.

Let's ask SEC and FBI's opinion about this, shall we?

This is illegal... The crypto market in not a game using monopoly $. Those people were so confident they were detailing the fraud on their telegram. Now i hope they're going to have some problem with SEC.

It is illegal in the equities and commodities markets. It is not yet illegal across the crypto world but I would be willing to place a very large bet that it will be sooner than we think. Big exchanges are already coming aboard with KYC and monitoring for PnD action. Bittrex, for example, has settled down a lot but the small exchanges and dexs..

Are you retarded? Of course its illegal

you get a life, altcoin shiller


US SEC is hunting down pump & dump groups - preparing for legal action, and offering rewards to whistleblowers!

Dam too bad i am from brooklyn where its a worse crime to rat sometimes ... lol jk ... i dont know anyone who organizes pnd or i would expose the truth for the simple fact i know a lotta ppl lose money on this shit.... dam smh

I hope they really do this. In forex trading, pump and dump is illegal.

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