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RE: BravadoGroup and Several Other MAJOR Crypto Influencers Caught Planning Massive Pump And Dump Schemes

Great freaking work brother. I run a channel as well and one of the main things people say whenever I mention a coin is that I am shilling to dump on people.

Truth be told, this kind of activity hurts everyone and would never take part. I feel if you have a platform to influence it shoube used to educate and not molest those who look up to you .

Great job boss


Which channel do you run? I would like to check your content and maybe you could check mine.


Oh no the TG is is now private invite only. I can send you a link. I can’t post here as we would get flooded

Sure, go ahead. Find me on our telegram there.

THis one right?
Check also ours:

We want to believe it stands out from all those TG channels, at least thats what people tell us.

Can you send me a link for your private TG group please ?

I am @coco357i on TG too
Thx :)

Sure. This one is only for announcements, news, general education and info:
Here you can talk to people:
We also create pool for investors to enter seed/presales for ICOs.

You can also follow us on Steemit, we post here a lot lately

heyy much more than this group ->

nice pump channel : @rocketpumptrader

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