My current trading charts

I thought I'd share what I'm watching on my screens when looking at trading patterns and price movements in case it's of help to anyone or anyone would like to debate or discuss them.

I'm hyperlinking to the posts they were originally shown so you can check how they have moved since then.

Bitcoin/USDT daily chart - I think mid-Feb until we can see how this plays out. It has broken down to where I pitched support much earlier than expected with all the recent FUD, but I'm still feeling that without any significant positive news to act as a catalyst to drive it back up, I'll be watching this pattern until I can chart more early February.

Ark/BTC daily chart - Although the price has broken down much lower than expected, I'm still up for this one. I think the price over time is fine, but might be a bit lagged from where the chart is showing potential uptrend.

**Neo Gas/BTC daily chart - This gladly played ball exactly on target at first, but again, the FUD has killed it slightly (repeating theme unfortunately!). Not much to be said really, but goes to show that it can take a while to find them, but be worth it if you buy access to TradingView and track prices daily!

**Dash/BTC daily chart - Don't even look at the Dash/USD'll turn you into stone! Seriously though, I'm sure all USD evaluations are down, but isn't that a bit obvious if all things crypto are pegged to BTC trading pairs and thus value?? I do have to say that my earlier and much higher hopes for Dash have been somewhat....dashed, but I strangely haven't sold any of my positions. I'm actually willing to ride this one out, as I'm still of the belief that it has matured, and regardless of some negative views, I personally believe that it is ready to step up into the major leagues and take a shot at Litecoin on the next bull run.

I hope these charts help and comment below if you'd like to discuss, suggest or request updates to them.

This is post only contains my personal views and opinions and is not financial advice. You should always do your own research and only invest what you can lose to afford.

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Great analysis, keep it up!

Thanks! I'm still tracking these, so will post updates soon!

Thanks, in my view Dash is interesting, it is one of the underrated high-value coins for me, I read part of its white paper, I know its main purpose is to accelerate the transactions, so it must have some future. Interesting gamble.

Yeah, it's already expensive, but given that it is constantly making progress with advertising and adoption I think it can go much higher. We should know in the next short period if it's going to fly up to new heights or continue with the huge volatility it has witnessed the last year.

I'm holding a little extra to trade if it goes up, but would be just as happy to keep it long-term.

yes that's the ideal strategy I have too, always keep in case something happens, this is all about a trader's life, I understood this main logical thing: you always must stick to something which is likely to go up, then jump from it to another thing like it, always reinvesting from top coin to top coin, there are only a few like Dash that are worth holding for long-term, the rest is pure gamble

It's good to "overstock" on those things you think will be a success long-term and in the short-term, so if you see the short-term trade opportunity you can take a profit, you do have to be careful trading from product to product.

If you see my recent post on VeChain and Achain, you'll see that VeChain is very overbought and probably near to the top of the market price. It's a top 20 crypto, but you'll probably be holding any VeChain you buy now for a long time to make a profit.
Bitcoin could jump up in value or profits could be taken at any time to collapse the current price, so you'd only want to buy what you plan to hold for a year or more (hopefully wouldn't take that long to see more increase, but can't be too careful in these situations).

On the other hand, if you see something that is down 30%-50% on what you know it can normally fetch in the market and are happy it has a strong enough case to bounce back up, that's where you could make a good trade.

A mix of the steady large caps to make your 5%-30% gains with smaller caps you know well to make your 1000%+ gains is what I think works best.
Always have to be careful not to go too deep into anything and consider if you have enough diversity in your portfolio to ensure you don't end up stuck as a bag holder without liquidity.

Yes that's my strategy too, hold on the big interesting coins, and keep gambling on the most interesting altcoins, I've made some posts about them, I post almost everyday about a new altcoin analysis, keep an eye on Nebulas, it can be the new Google (search engine for cryptocoins), as we need such a feature inside this world.

Thanks for the tip man! I'm following you now, so will have a look over some of your reviews.

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