Hopes and fears about big money in crypto

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Aloha, pirates!

Let’s be honest, how many of you at least once succumbed to the HYPE in 2017 and invested in the ICO, which scammed?
For example, I invested in a few.

I’ll be not just Captain Crypto Hook, but really Cap if I say that very few people received expected huge profits. Fast profits = big risks. You can not invest your last money in crypto, especially if you borrowed them. So far it's still a lottery.

What is this all about?

A lot of newbies investors folded up and left the market. But now more and more qualified investors are considering to enter a cryptomarket.

For example, the international corporation Capgemini conducted a global study of large investors investment preferences (HNWI who have at least $ 1 million of free funds).
They asked a question: "To what degree are you interested in buying / holding cryptocurrencies?", please indicate your answer with a scale of 1-7, where 1 = Not at all important, 7 = very important "

29% of respondents showed a high interest. Even more interesting, that residents of Latin America and Asia are ready to invest for a longer period more actively than others.


To my mind the bull market is still ahead, it is likely that "big money" will come in crypto soon. So, maybe, "to the moon" is not so far away!

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I had fears too but now hope, I invested a big amount in crypto market, i was new in September 2017 and first I invested little amount then i seen it gone down and i got my amount at loss price but after 1 week i again seen it goes to high and high everyday and that time i was new in crypto then i felt guilty that why i sell my amount at loss price...after sometime i again thought to put a huge amount and i did in January and after that crypto market fluctuations started and i seen 3-4 times it goes up and down but it never gone to that price at which i put and after that i still hoping hoping and remains only hopes.

Now i am not feeling alone brother. This condition is not only with me. After seen your post with photo i am realizing that you are with me as a supporter and i can hold for more time.

Well if it makes you guys feel better...
Lets say my original investment in crypto this winter was about 4 apples, right now I have 1 apple left. :/
I am very confident about the coins I invested in but man I got the timing wrong!

Same here brother... don’ Worry now i Can advise only to forget crypto market and don’t see portfolio daily...time will come again , smiles will return sure.

I hope we all get to Luna soon too!

We will see!

nice article..thanx for knowladge

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