EOT - will be games distributors out of the game soon?

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The gaming industry continues to grow rapidly from year to year and there are no causes that can change this trend. However, everything is not so rosy.


Games are everywhere around us, we often see films based on their plots, game heroes have become an idol of millions of fans. World-famous publishers, developers, and multi-billion corporations are ready to spend a lot of money on the product releases. But brand new developers do not have such amounts of money.

It's not a secret that biggest part of the costs incurred by developers is production and placement of the product on gaming sites, as well as advertising. Most often, these costs are more than 30% of the game creator`s income.

This situation allows distribution game platforms to earn more money but leads to the fact that developers themselves do not have an opportunity of making their next product.

With the use of blockchain, the guys from EOT create a platform and promote their project to the masses. The protocol will be built on Ethereum, but it's worth noting the developers' interest in EOS.

Given that the blockchain is cannot be censored, players around the world will be able to use the platform. Developers will be able to receive payments in the cryptocurrency and easily exchange it for fiat if necessary.


The product is a decentralized protocol with constant access. It will be possible to search for games, play them and share with other players. The so-called social network, which is based on the blockchain, and its users are gamers.


Features of the project

  • Referral system
  • The main feature of the project is a referral system. When we invite a new user to the platform, we can get EOT tokens.
  • Game Discovery System
  • The main function of the platform for the player is the search for games. Users can buy games using cryptocurrencies, which are supported by developers.
  • Community
  • Every user will be valuable to the whole system. Users will have the opportunity to vote, write reviews and get achievements.
  • Development system
  • The developers will be able to release, update games and check statistics. Also, it will be possible to set rewards for the actions of players in the system in favor of the system and the game itself. Developers will receive the entire payments after system fees and taxes.

Technical part

The guys believe that the best model for them will be on-chain / off-chain and in the blockchain will be stored only part that requires an audit. Such as a history of transactions or smart contracts for referral systems. All the rest will be stored on a centralized server.
The blockchain was selected by Ethereum, but with the hope of POS / Sharding / Plasma.
Also, the guys are interested in the capabilities of EOS.

In summary, it is supposed that project will get support from indie developers and those who create games on the blockchain. In the future, there will be support of common PC games.

EOT Token

The main cryptocurrency will be EOT and the holders of the token will receive rewards. Also, this token will be paying for actions on the platform.

The economy of the token
The economy can be divided into supply and demand.


  1. People sell tokens on exchanges.
  2. The project has an additional 30% of tokens to support its community in the future and the growth of the platform. It is noteworthy that the award will decrease every four years and this will allow receiving more rewards for those who will join the platform before.
  3. Developers rewards users EOT for activity in the game.
  1. Payment for all digital assets on the platform, which are released by developers for their games.
  2. Payment of the referral system.
  3. EON Foundation will redeem tokens

The project team

An experienced team can really play a key role in product development.
Also, it is worth taking a closer look at the list of project advisors. Here we can see a really interesting person - Feng Li. He is an investor of Ripple and Coinbase.

In general, the project has already received 5 million dollars of investment and now guys are promoting their product. In the nearest future, you can expect mobile version launch.

Now the project has a whitelist and there are already more than 12,000 participants.

Project website: http://eontoken.io/
WP: https://docsend.com/view/yuhe5nc


Given the growth of the gaming industry in recent years, we can positively look at the EOT project and expect a lot of growth. Competition with traditional platforms and Steam will be really difficult, but the project has its own strenghts.
The most important features are simple process of the games appearance on the platform and the referral system. Receiving payments in the cryptocurrency will be a pleasant bonus for the crypto-evangelists.

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