what is going on over there???


As you can see from my screenshot, has BTC listed at $2,251, except for the fact that every exchange i can find is still listing it at $2,400 at the lowest!

That is concerning to me as the marketcap total is below 100 Billion at that BTC price.

Whats happening over there? Are they right and predictive, because thats a 5 billion dollar differece!

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just calm down, there will be a huge wave again XD


Im calm when it comes to the overall market, but I need my data and information to be accurate. But not only for me but for everyone else that relies on these sites to give us up to date information. These sites have alot to do with the mental and emorional.state od these traders.

Maybe you just need to refresh the page. Just pulled this from the site. The front page had the same value.