Blockfolio Addict tragically dies

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Yesterday a 25 year old male from West Adelaide tragically died after accidentally walking into oncoming traffic while using his phone. Emergency officers were able to verify that the young man had his blockfolio open at the time and was refreshing the screen.

Emergency Services spokesperson Mike Hunt said that people need to be more aware of their surroundings when using their phone. He said that this case was particularly tragic because the young man had bags of NEO, OMG, TenX and Golem which are all just about to moon any day now.

His mother Shazza who was devastated wanted to send an important message to the crypto community.

“He didn’t write down any of his wallet passwords, so now I’ve lost the lot. Stupid boy! For the last month, every day he just had his eyes glued to his phone, refreshing that stupid app every 5 mins. One minute he’s jumping around talking about rocket ships and ringing up his boss to quit his job then just 5 mins later he’s crying and screaming HODL! Where’s the bloody lambo he promised me!”

If you have blockfolio addiction please make sure your reach out to the BA support group

** Obviously this is satire and not real!

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Forget don't text and walk, don't crypto and walk either! Sad.

Such a tragic loss. The dude dying is horrible too.

Such a horrible loss for the mother. She could have still bought the lambo if he had only been thoughtful enough to save the private keys and passwords somewhere for her. Such a stupid, stupid boy!!



Lol....if it weren't for the Mike Hunt and Shazza characters I would have fallen for this....keep up the good workj! Upvoted!

haha thanks!

OMG !!!
Terrible addiction.

The struggle is real!

Hahaha classic ! Love it mate!

Cheers dude!

Just like its against the law in some USA states not to text and drive or even use cell phone...anything that's a distraction can end a life or cause major damage...I've almost crashed just changing radio stations...scary reality.