What's Your Crypto Investing Strategy? Re-evaluating mine for 2018, Incoming CME Futures

As the landscape of cryptocurrencies continues to change, it's important to stay nimble in regards to your investing strategy. Which is why I'm currently re-evaluating the best way to move forward in 2018. I'll be putting together a definitive video on my adjusted portfolio for December, as well as my strategy moving forward, but first, I'd like to hear about your investing strategy?

What strategy are you currently following? Do you have a specific split of cryptoassets that you hold?

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My crypto strategy is to just HODL alt coins I believe in over the medium/long run such as PPT, OMG, PLR, ARK, NEO, XLM... None of this playing the BTC vs BCH shit, none of this day trading shit, not of this bitconnect/USI ponzi shit like many other people tend to be trying to do.

Will is pay off? Who knows, but this is the strategy I personally am going with.

Smart man ! Just HODL and sit back and wait . The future is very pr


Yes I'm link bombing, but I think this is information that needs to be shared.

Coinbase considers transfers of crypto off the platform as a sale for later reporting to the IRS.

Please Resteem..


My other crypto strategy is to get as many cryptos as possible without any upfront investment. I mine litecoin on my crappy computer through my browser using coinpot.co, I mine electronium on my cellphone through the browser using easyhash.io, I rent out extra harddrive space on my computer and 2 external harddrived using storjshare, plus a few other things which each are quite small but start to add up over time especially when you do a bunch at the same time.

nice topic good luck friend

2018 will be the year of the altcoins as more people get informed on various valuable projects and future market applications.
2017 has been the year of bitcoin which is just the peak of the iceberg in the crypto ecosystem.

My strategy now is to HODL . I’m not day to day trading anymore . Knowing what I know now and looking towards the future I won’t sell anything no time soon . I believe the overall market cap will 3 or 4x next year making it a great promising future for certain alt coins . It’s all about positioning , being in the right place at the right time . I encourage everyone to buy up the market and hold before Wall Street fully gets involved and spikes the market tremendously. I don’t want to be late to the party , I want to be already there comfortably and patiently plotting my next couple of moves . Stay a couple steps ahead that’s my strategy. I’m holding bitcoin but my main focus is buying up specific alt coins and HOLD ON FOR DEAR LIFE ! .

I think investment made in different crypto instead of 1.

When bitcoin is up, my strategy is to use bitcoin to slowly diversify into other coins that have recently been doing well versus bitcoin. When bitcoin is down, my strategy is to slowly liquidate other coin holdings in order to buy bitcoin.

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I stick to what I know and trade based on the 4 hour and greater time frames. I look for a bargain when it is there and refrain from entering the market when it is absent. You can check my steemit page for trading related info @pawsdog

I'm such a techie I have all my old devices around enough to form pools that may only get 7-20H/s using cryptonight or something, but I figure if I get a few dozen new alts a few will become profitable eventually.

check out Basic Attention Token (BAT) .. could be multi billion project....

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Get as many coins as I can and hodl...hodl...hodl...

I might re-position some of my holdings....take some BTC and put it into BTS and STEEM.

I think those two are going to be huge in 2018.

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