My 5 Highest Conviction Cryptocurrencies

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Forget "5 cheap, hot altcoins" or "5 Crypto Ready to Moon". Let's talk about the five cryptocurrencies that I have the highest degree of conviction in and why I like these cryptoassets in the long-term. When I say conviction, I mean that I truly believe in for the long-term, not just for short term price fluctuations.

Here are my top five crypto of highest conviction:

Basic Attention Token

.. STEEM could certainly be thought of as an alternative to BAT at #5

What are yours and why?

Also, we'll discuss how to emotionally deal with your crypto portfolio growing significantly and my thoughts on the BitGrail/XRB/Nano hack (or insolvency).

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BAT has not shown promise as it should so I think you can replace BAT with steem.

As steem is getting good attention and everyday more users are coming to this platform. So practical application of steem is way much more than BAT


Does the Brave browser only use BAT? Might they use another currency like Steem?


I don't fully agree with you that BAT hasn't shown any promise. I'm not a homer for BAT by any means, but have you used the browser at all? If not, I'd recommend checking it out.

Along with Steem, the Brave Browser/BAT is one of the few products really functioning as intended.

  1. BTC - It’s the OG and got to have some of that!
  2. XRP - I’m a financier at heart and the bankers coins is very appealing!
  3. EOS - I like the governance model that’s being set up!
  4. ADA - A hedge against EOS. (One of the 2 are going to crush it)
  5. STEEM - DPOS & Inflationary to self fund the community!

I am all in on EOS, big believer in Dan Larimer, check out a new project i just put up at if you're looking for a quick and easy way to track your crypto investments

My picks (not in order):

1.- ETH: no stopping them as lead in ICOs and Dapps in the short run
2.- LTC: the payment alternative as Charlie Lee and the foundation continue to focus on increased adoption and scaling
3.- BTC: will remain king and determine the market direction
4.- Dash: Lots of work being done focusing on technology and adoption, not marketing.
5.- STEEM: I’ve been hooked since discovering the platform and am amazed of the potential the blockchain technology could do with this community approach


Nice list, I can dig it for sure!

Glad to see you at least gave STEEM some love In The description. Very solid List as usual my friend, been following you for quite some time now. BAT is a major sleeper… If they can execute and achieve adoption it is a home run!

It would be nice to hear your reasoning behind each one. Thanks.

Suprised cardano, List, Neo or Eos didn't fall in your top 5

Keep this up, Followed you for more :)

Here's how I'm leaning at the moment:

  • Bitcoin: I really view it as the gateway drug into crypto, it's what everyone knows about and is probably the easiest one to convert fiat into currently.
  • Ethereum: It's way too engrained in the crypto space to die, so many projects are built off of it.
  • Cardano: I love the technology and the way they've updated their road-map and are regularly active on GitHub gives me confidence that great things are coming.
  • Steem: I love that some cool platforms such as steemit are built off of it but I have to say free and super fast transactions take the cake for me here.
  • Monero: I'm certainly open for debate but from what I can tell Monero is the leader of the privacy coins. I think if someone is going to use the a privacy coin for privacy (not just investing) that they'll always choose the most secure option which I believe at this time is Monero.

Good list. I need more 0x and BAT.

My List:

  1. ETH- long-term the dominant currency by use/marketcap
  2. Monero- Private transactions, underground economy
  3. Steem- Blog/Forum/Vlog platform

Notice no store of value coin ... only ones with strong use case.


The fact that Monero mining in webbrowsers is a huge problem right now, by cryptojacking, is part of the reason I picked it as #2. That and the fact that it is widely used in the darkweb.

My top 5:

  1. NEO
  2. LTC
  3. ICX
  4. SUB
  5. POWR

Always great content and delivery.

Here are my five cryptos (not in order of preference)

1.- BTC: still the daddy. As some say, BTC is the ocean in which all over cryptos float (or sink) in. For the time being, even if it loses its market dominance to say, ETH -- will still play a huge part in determining the direction and success of the cryptos for the next decade. High hopes for lightning network and other improvements.

2.- LTC: my personal favourite and it's fate is tied very closely to BTC. With Charlie Lee and the LTC Foundation working hard for wide adoption and not too worried about price or market cap; am very bullish about this coin. Roll on LitePal and LitePay!

3.- ETH: despite some current turbulence in the ethereum world; this coin forms the backbone of a very active ecosystem and most of the ICOs we encounter. Has legs to run for years. Keeping a close eye on the next upgrade cycle of ETH as they need to address scaling issues.

4.- NEO: if ETH trips up, NEO will roar past it. Definitely forms the third wave of cryptos (BTC was first, ETH was second...) and already some new ICOs and DAPPS are starting to use NEO. China's Ethereum? Don't let any China FUD scare you. Definitely leading the charge.

5.- WABI: has a working product and addresses a real need (in China anyway) so am attracted to it. Not vapourware but does it have legs to run and expand into the rest of Asia and the world? Only time will tell but I like, especially at the price it is now.

Honourable mentions: STEEM, XRP and MONERO.

BTC (Lightning Network, first mover)
LTC (I think Amazon will accept LTC first)
EOS (Dan Larimer, scalability)
ETH (Vitalik Buterin, road map, brilliant developers)
ADA (long term - brilliant developers, scalability, quantum resistant)

Check out a great new crypto tracking option at

I built it myself, so please let me know if you have any feedback or questions.

Thank you!

Thanks for the daily content, definitely giving us a different perspective on how to view coins over the long term instead of 1-2 months quick gains. Invest for the long term. My top 5:

  1. Bitcoin - (first mover advantage tooooo strong)
  2. Ethereum - (first mover dapps/icos/scalability only thing from leapfrogging bitcoin)
  3. NEO - (Staking returns already/dapps/if china embraces will rival ethereum)
  4. Litecoin - (running downhill in terms of use/adoption, strong community and will always be Bitcoin's silver)
  5. Monero - (privacy king, privacy always needed, mo

Most importantly are you into hoops? BK nets or Knickerbockers?

I am in with:

Bitcon: It shows us the way to go and the entire cryptomarket will always be looking at it, the correlation will continue for a long time.
Ethereum: It is like investing in the whole crypto market, a lot of tokens run in the ETH blockchain.
Ripple: I am pretty sure that it will replace SWIFT at some point.
STEEM: Strong believer that it is going to be the social network of choice of most of the people in the future, we have something great in our hands!!
Binance Coin: For me the fastest growing Crypto Exchange at this time.