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RE: Why not to invest in Cardano (ADA) !!!

Hi there @majestyman

And yet another interesting post :) Well writen and easy to read.

I also have some serious doubts about Cardano. Their marketing sucks. And without solid marketing ... noone can get really far.

Continue up with creating interesting content - it may be hard at the beginning to build reach and solid followers base.
But Steemits needs solid content builders so just dont ever give up! :)

Already followed and upvoted :)



Hello sir @crypto.piotr

As per your guidance we will always give our best content and interesting information.

Sir, we have already mailed you our doubts and some questions regarding to build base on [email protected] & [email protected] but you may be busy so you have not replied yet, anyways we are most awaiting for your reply back.

Really Thanks So Much for following back and being there for always with a special support @crypto.piotr

It feel awesome after talking to you..
Thanks for everything @crypto.piotr

By yours,

Hi @majestyman

I've seen your email and I must admit that Im very confused. Sometimes I found it a bit difficult to understand your english. Would you mind telling me where do you come from? Im just curious


I am very sorry for that confusion and i will try my best that you can understand it easily @crypto.piotr

I am from INDIA, already i have mentioned it in my previous message. .

Thanks for this.👍

By yours,

Thank you for your reply @majestyman

Appreciate. Yours, Piotr

Its my pleasure @crypto.piotr
Thanks for your kind response 👍

By yours,

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Its my pleasure @crypto.piotr
Thanks for your kind response 👍

By yours,

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