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RE: Deviant Coin [DEV] 🚀 - A Masternode Coin With Decentralized Exchange Based on BitShares Platform [COMING SOON] - Privacy Focused!

This is brilliant review @ghayas

I've noticed that you create really high quality content. And I was wondering if your job is related in any way to crypto and blockchain?

Would you mind dropping me a message to: [email protected]? I would love to keep in touch with you as I value your knowledge and I can easily see business opportunities in collaborating in the future.

That's just a thought,

Yours, Piotr


Sure, I will drop you an email. You can edit your comment if you don't want it to be public Thanks for the appreciation, means a lot.

@crypto.piotr , Kindly tell me about fact news for sia coin.As any body is not telling me correctly.

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