CROWD MACHINE - why I believe in that revolutionary ICO? (MUST READ)

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Let me start my new post with an excellent quote:crowd machine.jpg

"We live in a world that is ruled by technology, its everywhere around us, and it makes our lives much easier by us accomplish quite complicated things efficiently, allowing everyone to increase their productivity and therefore, the quality of their life." - @dedicatedguy

Many developers and bloggers seem to be very excited about this promising project. Have a look at all the buzz it's already currently generating:

"Crowd Machine, a multibillion-dollar project that will change the world."


"Crowd Machine is THE MOST game-changing, disruptive, comprehensive, and all-inclusive platform/ecosystem initiative I have ever seen!" - @jaichai

"It is THE MOST game-changing, disruptive, comprehensive, and all-inclusive project I have ever seen!"

"Crowd Machine will disrupt several multi-trillion dollar industries, including permissioned BAAS, Open Source Coding/Repository services, global contributory computer resource sharing, and DApp development/deployment (no coding needed and radically cutting DApp development/deployment times)." - @jaichai

"Crowd Machine, the future is in front of you." - @jacksartori

" Crowd Machine has successfully tested its business model with fortune 500 companies such as General Electric, KONE, Anthem, etc" - @gandhibaba

Did I get your attention yet?!

crowd machine2.jpgI really hope so, as this project is pretty mind blowing. And at the same time it's one of the very few ICOs out there that actually seems to serve some purpose

I'm not going to go much into details, but there is already so much of valuable information about this crypto online. The best would be to visit @originalworks and look at results of their latest contest (related to Crowd Machine).

This post should be considered in a way a tribute to those who decided to be part of this contest.

So, just to recap. What is Crowd Machine?

  • "Crowd Machine is a global decentralized engine which let the users or developers execute their decentralized apps without writing code " - @canku
  • "Crowd Machine is a decentralized alternative to existing cloud computing services" - @ecotone
  • "Crowd Machine is similar and in between Github and Appstore. Crowd Machine is entering software market with a market value of 329b and blockchain technology with an estimated value of 175b by 2025 according to a research from Garner¹." - @carlpei
  • "Crowd Machine is a cryptocurrency project that uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to create an open development environment for users to create apps and dApps with or without a technology development background." - @chekohler

Isn't this great? Being able to create your own blockchain app? I love that idea! But I would like us to focus for a moment on the social consequences and IT job market. Because blockchain combined with Crowd Machine can turned it up-side-down.

The demand for app developers are growing really fast and there is not enough "supply". If I would like to create small app for myself then it would be very costly and difficult. Thanks to Crowd Machine I may be able to create an app without knowing any programming language. Perfect.

@jaichai summarized it quite well:
"There is a serious shortfall of qualified, competent DApp blockchain developers. And given the exponential growth of blockchain projects and the steep learning curve of current blockchain and smart contract programming languages, it's only going to get worse."


I managed to read several posts about CM and I would love to share one of my favourite with you. Created by @pritpatel

This guy is a QA Engineer and he pretty much fully covers most questions that you may have. It's a MUST to read.


My intention here is not to talk about the technical details of this project as many people may already have. I on the other hand am more interested with the impact that this crypto may have on the industry. Just some of the burning questions on my mind. Will it cause an unemployment between programmers to increase or decrease? Since we will be able to create apps without looking for developer then would be there still enough demand for them?

Im trying to figure out how CM can affect current market and existing platform?

Will ETH, Cardano, Neo, EOS, Lisk, iota, waves or qtum benefit or is Crowd Machine a threat to them? I really hope that some of you have answers and are able to share them with me. I would appreciate a lot.

I would also like to know if there is anyone who actually managed to register himself for the Crowd Machine Beta Testing and what's your first impression? Do they really deliver as promised?


And my last question is related to potential COMPETITION:

I've been trying to find any possible competition in this field and so far I only came across project called DADI (what a lovely name). Would anyone here know about any other competition to Crowd Machine?

What advantage Crowd Machine has over their direct competition (

Cheers, Piotr


Also I would recommend you watch an interview with the COE of Crown Machine. Very informative:



I think, Crowd Machine would be revolutionary; The most interesting element for me is Crowd Computer that would utilize the unused computational resources of the internet users, and the device owners who will inturn get rewards.

Indeed it may be revolutionary. Im partly wondering if it wouldnt be wise to become developer and learn more about CM. That knowledge can be very useful. Demand will be most likely huge.

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Hi Mona

Im not sure what do you mean by veryfing my identity via facebok. I just checked my facebook page but I cannot see any message coming from you. My private fb: Piotr Leib. Perhaps you could add me too?

Do you always try to verify everyone you come across?? :)

Im gonna try to update my fb profile and add link to steemit. Thx for your suggestion :)

Yes, I verify those who have good content, so if they are real, I try to recommend their content to curie, and they can get upvote.

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I learned about curie few days ago. Would you mind telling me how does it work? Can I recommend my own post or do I have to recommend someones else post?


If you write quality post, the curie curators will find it, so you do not need to recommend it; however, I am in a community called @steemrepair. If you join that, you can show your post to on of the curie curators and we will give you feedback about it to make it 'curieable'.
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What do you mean by "joining"? I followed that profile already. is that what you have on your mind?

Im an email kind of guy as I dont use mobile phones at all. I realized that Im addicted to them and I was spending to much time online. Over 2 years I got rid of my phone and I love it now. Im 100% offline once I close my laptop. Amazing feeling :)

So no discord or watsup. Just email and fb. Would you perhaps like to keep in touch with me via email? Just drop me a message to [email protected]

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By joining, I mean to join their discord channel. You need to make an account on 'discord'.

Can I use discord on laptop/windows? Or just mobile devises? Sorry for troubling you and thanks for your replies. I appreciate it a lot

Over 2 years I got rid of my phone and I love it now. Im 100% offline once I close my laptop. Amazing feeling :)

Hehehe - yeah - i know that feeling. I changed my phone into an old Nokia Series 3 - only sms and CALL someone, if i need help, information or other things. 5 days with a single battery charge. No fuc*ing piep piep - dring dring - dudeldu every minute from hundreds of messengers, apps, etc.

That´s what i call pure gold and sparetime. Work hard, but don´t let these shitty things bomb every minute of your life. :)

Hi Pepper,

I see we're on the same page :)

can you imagine that prices of old nokias in south-east Asia (that's where I live most of the time) went up almost 3x?

since immigration became very troublesome for many people prices of those phones went up a lot

I guess not everyone want to be tracked down all the time.

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I will definitely have a look, and I followed you as well :)
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Here is the link to the discord channel of steemrepair

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And yeah, @gandhibaba is creating great content and he is super kind, polite and responsive. I think you two will get allong very well.

Hi Piotr,
Curie upvotes exceptional posts in any category except religion, politics, cryptocurrency; you should visit their profile @curie and read the latest posts. You will also find guidelines there.

thank you mona.
I just read about them a little bit and I've seen their profile. Interesting idea. Will definetly try my luck next time :)

have a great sunday

Thanks Piotr. You are also a kind person.

You're to kind mate :)
This post would not exist if you and others wouldnt write about CM in the first place. All glory should belong to people like yourself.

Thanks friend. It is my pleasure. I have just posted my entry for this week's contest about Chimaera, a blockchain game development and playing platform. You may want to check it out.

I think I already did :)

Hi Mona,

Are you planning to join @originalworks this weekend and write about FarmaTrust ?

I made my first contest ever. Would you mind checking it out and sharing your feedback? And perhaps also commenting as Im interested what is your view on discussed issue:

I would really appreciate if you could share some of your experience with me :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hi Piotr :)

Yes, I plan to participate this week too. I plan to participate in all the upcoming contests.
I will read your post later; Sunday is a bit busy. It would be nice if you send this link on facebook, so I remember to read it. Thanks.

I will :) check your facebook and hope you had a good weekend

ps. I noticed that you didnt join @originalworks this week and didnt write about Farmatrust. I was curious what you have to say about this project.

I really wanted to write about it as it is somewhat related to my field of study, but I didin't have time. I may still write, bcuz I have some hours left, but am not sure.

Please do. I would really love to hear about your view.

@echowhale team swimming by with your upvotes

I had to upvote and resteem man. This is great stuff.

Wow. That's very kind of you mate


Great article, Piotr! I had heard about this Crowd Machine recently, myself, and have been wanting to take a deeper look also. Thanks for the great head start. Just so little time these days. I've gotta run, but will be sure to give this one some more of my attention soon. Take care

I really think it's worth your time. Crowd Machine is blowing my mind and Im seriously considering trying to build my own small blockchain app once it's ready (mostly for fun).

Hi Piotr,

Yeah, it does look interesting. The real question is have you (or anyone you know) been able to test it in any way whatsoever or is it even available to test out yet? I can't seem to find much on that.

They say in their FAQs:

Crowd App Studio and the Crowd Virtual Machine are available to use now. The Crowd Computer will be available in Q4 2018.

The Crowd Computer will not be available until Q4 of this year, which is a fairly long way off to be able to really test it fully in the real world.

I see it is a for profit company, but I can't find much info on them. In the TOS I see they are 3 companies: Crowd Machine SEZC, Crowd Machine, Inc., and Metavine, Inc. (collectively "Crowd Machine") and that they fall under the laws of the Cayman Islands; but I can't find any address, tel, etc. not even in the Whois database of the domain name, which hides under Privacy Protect, LLC and was registered originally in 2009. So I wonder why it has taken them so long to get to this ICO stage and still not even have a workable product/service yet. All of this to me is a huge sign of caution in my book.

The main difficulty I have with Crowd Machine is that it looks just like so many other ERC20-based ICOs that have great ideas, but not yet proven and thus a real gamble at this stage. A very large percentage of ICOs have crashed and burned recently when it came time to really make it happen. This makes it seem to be a highly speculative proposition until they can put some real proof behind their claims. Just my thoughts after reading and looking into them for a few hours now.

I've tried to sign up for their beta program but it's closed already. It seem that they had already 5 different beta tests happening so I presume that this project is quite advanced.

At the same time I read someone saying that this software will be fully ready within a year or so. That's still long way to go. Definetly it's worth paying closer attention.

Im so impressed with your investigation. You're GOOOD!

"All of this to me is a huge sign of caution in my book.".
Indeed all your reasons mentioned above are raising some sort of red flag. I never invested in any ICO and I do not intent to. My goal is to bring programmers/developers attention to their product (not investors).

Thank you again for such an excellent comment. You're absolutely one of the most valuable blogger I've ever met in my life so far.

Thanks, Piotr. A few beta tests and not planning to be fully ready until a year or so is an even greater red flag to me. In a way these sorts of flags in Crowd Machine are some of the things that cause the critics, regulators, authorities, SEC etc. to move towards more stringent regulations and thus, unfortunately their lack of honest open transparency makes it more difficult for others. Especially if they are a for-profit company (of companies), they should show more professional open transparency and explain things such as why they have 3 companies in far more detail, as well as where they are and how they can be reached. That should be paramount in my view. That's one difference between what is now termed "White Paper" and what was always considered a good business plan. With all the many similarities to the DotCom bubble/crash, one would think businesses would learn from all the mistakes of the past. Instead they make the same mistakes even worse.

I've found very fresh public interview with Crowd Machine CEO. Perhaps you will find this video usefull:

Good video! They certainly have lots of really good ideas.

Listening to some of those, I still have difficulty with why they are a for-profit company. I think like Jed McCaleb, co-founder of Stellar, sometimes mentions, as to why he broke away and forked off of Ripple. He speaks of imagining how the internet would be, if it was created and launched by one for-profit corporate entity. It would never have developed into what it is; still largely free and uncensored as it is today. I think this same reasoning is at the core issue of so many problems that steemit itself has as being a for-profit company as well.

Well done @crypto.piotr I knew you can write great article. You should join originalworks contest next time.

The only project that come to my mind when I read about CM is EOS, and I think CM is better than EOS.

You should make a Discord channel and we can discuss in more detail.

I wish I could join this contest, but unfortunatelly Im not a native english speaker and before I post anything I need to ask my gf to fix my english. Which is pain in the ass sometimes. Hopefully one day.

Im an email kind of guy as I dont use mobile phones at all. I realized that Im addicted to them and I was spending to much time online. Over 2 years I got rid of my phone and I love it now. Im 100% offline once I close my laptop. Amazing feeling :)

So no discord or watsup. Just email and fb. Would you perhaps like to keep in touch with me via email? Just drop me a message to [email protected]

I would love to be able to get to know you closer, as clearly we're very like minded and we share similar passions. Plus we could support each other on steemit even more.


English is not my native language either, but one thing I've learned about languages is the more you are confident of using it the faster you will learn. I used to talk in English more than writing down in English. I'm struggle to write a content in English, I have to use Word to check grammar and spelling, I also ask someone with better English to proofreading.

I sent you an email yesterday, but no worry I will send you another one (cao**** Thank you for your kindness and support.

I've found very fresh public interview with Crowd Machine CEO. Perhaps you will find this video usefull:

Great, thank you for your information.

I wish it would work that way.
I moved out from Poland 13 years ago and my partner is native english speaker and I still struggle. At the same time I'm great with math, directions, computers, planning, budgeting and many all that technical stuff. But languages? I suck big time :)

Let me check my email box :) I will be happy to support you. That's pretty much why I am here. i dont really care much about making $$$ (as I dont believe i could earn much directly via steemit without investing all my savings). Im here to get closer to kind and like-minded people. Just the way you are.

Have a great sunday

I'm bad at math, If I get 50 cent for each time I fail at math, I would have a total earning of 2600 and 30 cent. Check your spam box for my email too, just incase.

We will discuss about Steemit and other side of it on email. Let share our knowledge, and hopefully that we can learn a thing or two from each other.

Have a great Sunday too!

Hi mate

I just did check my gmail spam box and I still couldnt find your first email. Strange.

Definetly we should keep in touch. I can only see us both benefiting in short and long run :)

Cheers buddy

Are you joining this weekend @oryginalworks contest too?

I'm joining with today, we are under a project for now. If I have spare time I will join originalworks, that gaming ICO is quite interesting too, I do play game, and I have couple of things about gaming with combination of crypto to talk about.

Wow. Im shocked. It seem that we have mutual friends here :)

I wouldn't be surprise if we do have at least a mutual friend. We do share something in common, we will be likely to join in a circle of friends.

Very true mate. Very true.

Are you planning to join @originalworks this weekend and write about FarmaTrust ?

I made my first contest ever. Would you mind checking it out and sharing your feedback? And perhaps also commenting as Im interested what is your view on discussed issue:

I would really appreciate if you could share some of your experience with me :)

Cheers, Piotr

As long as your writing is original and you put in the effort, feel free to join! This is indeed quite a great article!

Thank you for your kind comment.

Im not a native english speaker so writting any sort of article and then asking my partner to fix my english is taking quite ... forever.

Im also just learning how to blog. On daily basis Im a social media marketer + western boxing coach so I have very little experience. Will join @originalworks contest within few weeks. Once I will feel more comfortable with my writting.

Till then I will do my best to help and promote your contest as I can see how steemit community is benefiting. You're guys doing great job!

Respect all the way


Interessent .. i wonder how creating dapps without coding works and if applications run on the blockchain, or are they just created on it....

Apparently it's all drag and drop. I also wonder how exacly does it work and how much flexibility will it provide.

I noticed that many people seem to be very positive and full of hopes when it come to future of developers and programmers. Im not that sure. Have you ever heard about or other tools that are allowing to create websites without knowing HTML? It seem that those sort of tools are in a way destroying market.

I realized that there is growing common believe that "anyone can do website now" which brings value of real webdevelopers and their work heavily down. I wonder if we would witness same with Crowd machine. Will value of programmers drop a lot as well? I can imagine people saying that "creating app isnt that hard. I've heard that anyone can do it. Even my friend who isnt programmer did some already". This approach would be awful.

What do you think?

Ah okay i see! As far as i have learned those out of the box offers can really do the very basic stuff only. If you want any functionality or personalised design, it can get complicated, so Crowd Machine would need to offer some form of costumisation to be successful. On the broader scope i wouldnt worry about devs. It's good that with stable frameworks you dont need to reinvent the will,but still there will always be needed somebody to tinker together the single pieces.

I've found very fresh public interview with Crowd Machine CEO. Perhaps you will find this video usefull:

Interesting! Will definitely need to watch it!

I absolutely agree. But the problem is that most people are completly happy with what shopify or have to offer. Especially if they can do things on their own. Without being forced to communicate with web developers.

I've been living long enough (I also worked as a programmer in the past for many years) to understand that noone likes to deal with programmers. Because they speak in "different language".

But I also came to realization than it's pointless to compare creating websites to blockchain apps. Website can be done poorly and people will still use it. But app need to be pretty much perfect or noone will even care.

Thanks for your comment mate

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Thanks to you I had discovered Deep Brain Chain,
Thank to you I have discovered the Crowd Machine.

Honestly this is a very amazing initiative that has so much potential. The very fact they are able to demonstrate clips from their beta on their video makes me actually visualize how this will come into play. I will go about reading their Whitepaper in detail, this is a pretty amazing development. I wonder how other platforms for decentralized app development will be affected by the entry.

Are you considering scooping up some of their tokens from their ICO? I know you're passive in investing but just curious. Major apologies for such a late comment and what not. It's been a rather bumpy week and had been rather away from work!

Thanks to you I discovered great friendship on steemit :)

I'm to poor to get any ICO. I would need to invest min 100k usd in presale. They are aiming big players only.

Take care mate

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