Rate My Cryptocurrency Portfolio!

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Check out "Rate My Cryptocurrency Portfolio!" by Louis Thomas:


A BTC, ETH, and LTC portfolio is pretty standard. Good point about BTC being very resilient. I think that even if it crashes, it has too much of a brand recognition. Many newcomers to crypto over the next year will be buying Bitcoin because it's the only crypto they're aware of.

Bitcoin won't undergo a total crash. Apart ftom the brand recognition there are some huge bitcoin investors.

portfolio can't be doing that good rn eh? ;)

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Any thoughts on an ether hedge? What would be its main competitors and would having a smaller percentage there, say 5-10% of coin supply make sense? e.g. If one had 10 ether then it may make sense to have 50-100 EOS (as there will be 10x the coin supply for EOS), or having a small basket of competitors. Just looking for opinions.

Very nice. It's always a good idea to diversify.

@crypto-p I like the way you have invested most of your portfolio in ETH and LTC. I have 99% of my portfolio divided between the too as well!

I am not as clear about the goals as you are though. Need to think about that. Thanks for the video which started my chain of thought about what my goals are for investing in crypto.

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