Crypto trading day 2 - When trading crypto patience and a lack of emotions are key

in cryptocurrency •  9 months ago 

So today I decided to make my first move on my exchange of choice, Bittrex to obtain some XRP. Been hot and cold with it and decided to get into XRP for the long haul. So I looked at the priced, and at the time it was at 0.000049800. That was too high and my decision was clear to get into XRP at around 0.000004952 which I thought after having checked the graph at that this would be a reasonable price to get into.

Based on the previous ups and downs I decided that that would be my entry point. I saw that the price went down to 0.000049440 before but since I don't intend to day trade anyway I was willing to get in at that point. So created a conditional order and sat there waiting as XRP creeped up in price to then 0.000049650. It bounced up and down before hitting my trigger mark and I bought a small amount of XRP.

Got to tell you it felt so good not to be emotional or in a hurry to buy crypto. I love crypto but I've been burned in the past because I pulled the trigger and bought high, and mostly hodled. Well this time I hope I found a better entry spot and will monitor XRP over the next few weeks.

The next coin on my list is Stratis, which I traded before and gave me some good profit. But I think that this time I want to get into Stratis on a budget and keep hodling it until it takes off. Building a portfolio is key for me and then we'll see what I'll do.

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